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Dupont-Kalorama Sidebar: Violent Crime Up in May

Editor’s Note: After posting the crime stats for the January through May period for Police Service Area (PSA) 208 (DupontKalorama), I thought it would be interesting to look at just May.

Why? I wanted to see if the increases in crime for the area took place mostly in the first four months of the year—and to see whether the stats were looking better for May. More specifically, I wanted to see if the trend that is evident in the stats for the first five months of the year were true for the most recent month.

Here is what I found.

  • Violent crime in May 2009 is up 50% from May 2008. There were 30 violent crimes in PSA 208 in May 2008 compared to 20 in May 2008 and 18 in May 2007. This means violent crime for the month of May 2009 was 67% higher than it was 2 years ago in Dupont-Kalorama.
    • There were 22 robberies (with and without a gun) in May 2009 compared to 13 in May 2008, a 69% increase; there were 9 robberies in May 2007 in PSA 208. This means the number of robberies in May 2009 in PSA 208 was 144% higher than two years ago.
    • There were 6 gun crimes (robberies and assaults) in PSA 208 in May of this year and 4 in May of last year; there were 3 in May 2007. As as result the number of gun crimes in May 2009 were double the number in May 2007.
  • Property crime in May 2009 is down 11% from May 2008—from 182 crimes last year to 162 crimes in May of this year. This compares to 164 property crimesin May 2007.
    • Despite all the publicity about the “rooftop burglar” in the Dupont area, the number of burglaries in May 2009 was 15, up just 2 from the 13 last year, and compared to 17 in 2007.
    • The number of thefts from autos was down 36% in PSA 208 in May 2009: there were 61 such crimes this year compared to 83 thefts from autos in May 2008 and 48 in May 2007. So, even though thefts from autos were down dramatically for May 2008, they are still substantially higher than two years ago.
  • Total crime—thanks to the drop in thefts from autos—is down 5% in May 2009 (192 total crimes) compared to May 2008 (202 total crimes) in the Dupont-Kalorama area. For 2007, there were 182 total crimes in PSA 208. As a result, total crime in PSA 208 in May 2009 was higher than two years ago.

PSA 208 encompasses the Dupont Circle neighborhood and part of the Kalorama Circle area. West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is in PSA 208.

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