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Smash-and-Grabs: Are Your Hookups Showing?

PSA 208 Dupont Circle MPD Crime Database

Click to enlarge: Thefts from autos in PSA 208/Dupont-Kalorama, Nov. 15-22, 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

Going out of town for Thanksgiving… and leaving your car parked on the street for a few days? Take 5 minutes, go to your car and do a few quick things that will reduce the likelihood of your car having its windows smashed and your valuables taken.

Thefts from autos (“smash and grabs”) are the most common crime in the area.

The accompanying maps show the location of smash-and-grabs in the Dupont-Logan-U Street area in the past week, Nov. 15-22.

PSA 307 Logan Circle MPD Crime Database

Click to enlarge: Thefts from autos in PSA 307/Logan Circle, Nov. 15-22, 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

The police warn: Do not leave anything of value visible in your car. Never leave a cell phone, coat, brief case, dry cleaning or even bags of groceries on the seat of your car — and don’t leave anything of value in the trunk.

This precaution also extends to hookups for Global Positioning Systems (GPS), satellite radio and iPods.

PSA 305 U Street NW MPD Crime Database

Click to enlarge: Thefts from autos in PSA 305/U St., Nov. 15-22, 2010. (MPD Crime Database)

Why? If a thief sees a hookup, he may assume that the GPS, satellite radio or iPod is somewhere in your car — and break in to look for it. Thieves will even target cars where the outline of the suction cup for a GPS hookup is visible on the windshield.

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