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Updated Election Results Confirm Winners in Local ANC Races


DC  has counted  absentee and provisional ballots from the November 6 election. (Luis Gomez Photos.)

The DC Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE) has updated its 2012 general election page with new vote counts for the November 6 general election. The new results contain absentee and ballots and provisional ballots.

In two close races for local ANC seats, the inclusion of absentee and provisional ballots did not change the results. Zahara Jilana still leads John Green in ANC 1B-12 (by 34 votes) and John Fanning still leads Joel Heisey in ANC 2F-04 (by 38 votes). The results for the six contested races, as of November 26, are in the table below.

Voter Participation in ANC Races

How many people voted in ANC races compared to other races on the ballot on November 6? We looked at Precinct 16 (Presbyterian Church, 15th and R Streets NW) and compared the number of votes for ANC candidates versus presidential candidates.

In Precinct 16, 3,209 people voted for president. A total of four ANC races voted at Precinct 16: ANC 1F (uncontested), ANC 2F-02 (contested race), ANC 2F-04 (contested race, one of three precincts for race), and ANC 2B-04 (contested race, one of two precincts for race). ANC candidates in Precinct 16 received a total of 2,038 votes in these four races. The breakdown? Of the voters in Precinct 16 who cast votes for president, only 64% cast ballots for an ANC candidate.


 Updated Vote Count in 6 Contested ANC Races


  1. Zahara Jilani, 329 (36.3%)
  2. John C. Green, 295 (32.6%)
  3. Erling Bailey, 168 (18.5%)
  4. Dan Wittels, 98 (10.8%)
  5. Write-In, 16 (1.8%)


  1. Walt Cain, 335, 46.4%)
  2. Adam Stempel, 290 (40.2%)
  3. James Baker, 89 (12.3%)
  4. Write-In, 8 (1.1%)


  1. John Fanning, 359, (51.9%)
  2. Joel Heisey, 321 (46.4%)
  3. Write-In, 12 (1.7%)


  1. Matthew Connolly, 283 (52.9%)
  2. Howard S. Marks, 240 (44.8%)
  3. Write-In, 12 (2.2%)


  1. Stephanie Maltz, 483 (78.9%)
  2. Bevan Mace, 113 (18.5%)
  3. Write-In, 16 (2.6%)

 ANC 2B-04

  1. Kishan Putta, 563 (61.9%
  2. Stephanie Sheridan, 229 (25.2%)
  3. Martin Espinoza, 107 (11.8%)
  4. Write-In, 10 (1.1%)

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One Response to “Updated Election Results Confirm Winners in Local ANC Races”

  1. IMGoph says:

    1200 people in ONE PRECINCT don’t care about their local governance?

    amazing. sad. pathetic.