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Meet the team of Borderstan contributors.

Borderstan ContributorsMatt Rhoades: Cofounder and Publisher

Rhoades has lived in the Borderstan area for 18 years. When he’s not writing about the area he loves, he follows politics, tends his garden and spoils Lupe, the world’s cutest and smartest dog. Find him on Twitter @mattyrhoades; email him at matty[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsLuis Gomez: Cofounder, Editor and Creative Director

Gomez moved to the neighborhood 10years ago and loves music, his dog and photographing D.C. He also has two sites of his own: One Photograph A Day and If She Only Had Thumbs. Follow him on Twitter @LuisGomezPhotos; email him at luis[AT]borderstan.com.

"Mathew Harkins"Mathew Harkins: Assistant Editor

Harkins is a writer and editor living in the District since mid-2011. When not taking on freelance projects, much of his time is spent working on his literary experiment/website, The 69 Love Stories Project. Follow him on Twitter @rolandzakow; email him at mharkins[AT]borderstan.com

AllisonAcostaAllison Acosta: News

Acosta was born and& raised in Washington, DC and has lived in Borderstan since 2000. After working in the labor movement for more than a decade, she is enjoying the pace of life as a stay-at-home mom to her two young daughters. When she’s not busy walking her daughter to and from school or on the hunt for vintage items to sell online, Acosta enjoys exploring the city with her kids and taking photographs. You can find her on instagram. Email her at allison[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsJane Alonso: Food & Drink

Alonso has called the DC area home since 1992. Although she resides in the Mt. Vernon Triangle, Alonso’s passion for food and spirits leads her on frequent excursions into Borderstan’s land of bars and restaurants. By day, she is a lobbyist and government relations consultant, and you can often find her on Capitol Hill, where she worked for many years. By night, Alonso is out on the town, looking for the best single malt scotches and tasting menus in DC. She is also a regular volunteer at DC Central Kitchen and trains for triathlons. Email her at jane[AT]borderstan.com.

"Katie Andriulli"Katie Andriulli: Lifestyle

Andriulli moved to DC in 2001 for college (Hoya pride) and somehow never left. She writes about things that are near and dear to her heart, like booze and food, and was once the captain of a skeeball team called The Big Lebowskee. In her spare time she can be found volunteering with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue or pretending to read the New Yorker at one of DC’s fine coffee establishments. You can follow Andriulli on Twitter @kandriulli and email her at katie[AT]borderstan.com.

"Kent Barnes"Kent Barnes: Sports

Barnes reluctantly moved to the District in 2011 and now can’t imagine living anywhere else. An avid sports fan, he spends much of his free time watching, reading about, or playing anything (including club soccer and football). If it doesn’t involve sports, it involves his wife Rachel or his dog Grace. Email him at kent[AT]borderstan.com and Follow Kent on Twitter @kentbarnes.

"Maggie Barron"Maggie Barron: Lifestyle

Barron has lived in Los Angeles, Providence, Prague, New York, London and San Francisco. She’s interested in the way cities work — or don’t — and why. She spends way too much time shopping for and thinking about food. She’s on Twitter @maggiebarron; email her at maggie[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsNick Barron: Entrepreneurs & Startups

Barron, a Borderstan resident since 2009, profiles local entrepreneurs and startups. He’s a co-founder of Flypt, a graduate-level entrepreneurship student at American University and blogs at NickBarron.co. Follow on Twitter @nbarron, email him at nick[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsKhelan Bhatia: Lifestyle

Bhatia writes a column on style and fashion. He has been in D.C. for five years and lives on U Street — by far his favorite neighborhood in town. You can find him at the 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall, Dickson, DC Noodles. Follow him on Twitter@KhelanB, email him at khelan[AT]borderstan.com.

"Michelle Bradsbury"Michelle Bradbury: Copyeditor

Michelle Bradbury, former inhabitant of Borderstan, currently lives in Somerville, MA. Despite missing DC and Borderstan greatly, she is getting to know her new neighborhood and, when not working at a nearby publishing house, can be found reading, decorating and baking confections or dancing.

Borderstan ContributorsLaetitia Brock: Food & Drink

Brock has lived in the District since graduating from GWU in 2005 but she will always call Paris home. While not technically a Borderstan resident, she does work for an educational non-profit in the area, and has spent entirely too much money at the salad bar of Whole Foods over the years. Email her at laetitia[AT]borderstan.com. You can follow her at @FrenchtwistDC and on her own blog, www.FrenchtwistDC.com.

Borderstan ContributorsMary Burgan: Borderstan Movie Fan, Columnist

Burgan was the first contributor to Borderstan and writes movie reviews as the Borderstan Movie Fan. She moved to the area in the 1990s to become an association executive after a career as a professor of English Literature. On Sundays you can find her singing in the choir at Saint Augustine Catholic Church on 15th Street NW. Contact her at mary[AT]borderstan.com.

"Rob Fink"Rob Fink: Food & Drink

In addition to working as a paralegal during the day, Fink tries to fit in homebrewing, being a part-time English Literature graduate student, going to punk rock shows at the Black Cat, and continuing to think about beer as much as possible in all of its beautiful manifestations. Email him at rob[AT]borderstan.com.

"Borderstan"Eliza French: Arts & Entertainment

French grew up in Northern Virginia and has been a Borderstan resident since July 2011. She recently graduated from Duke University and now works in media events. Her interests include food, art, fashion and culture. On the weekends you can find her volunteering at the Phillips collection, eating at Hank’s Oyster Bar, or window-shopping on 14th Street. Email her at eliza[AT]borderstan.com or follow her on Twitter @elizaenbref.

Joey_BorderstanJoey Gavrilovich: Lifestyle

Gavrilovich has lived in the Borderstan area since 2008. In 2011, he left the global think tank job that brought him here and went to work full time serving coffee at Peregrine Espresso on 14th Street. It was there that he developed a deeper appreciation for the surrounding community as well as an active curiosity about its future direction. Gavrilovich now works in the Logan Circle area for one of DC’s well-respected human service organizations, where he supports homeless and low-income women in their search for gainful employment and educational fulfillment. Find Joey on Twitter @joeygDC. Email him at joey[AT]borderstan.com.

"Sarah Griswold"Sarah Griswold: Lifestyle

Griswold a fairly recent Borderstan resident, moved from sunny Phoenix, AZ.  A 20-something loving life here in DC.  She spends much of her time, exploring the city, thrifting with her boyfriend, trying new restaurants and recipes at home, sipping wine with friends and shopping local boutiques. Email her at sarahg[AT]borderstan.com

Borderstan ContributorsTom Hay: Business, Politics & Government, News

Hay covers a variety of business related topics in the area plus stories on local government. A superb researcher, he can dig up most anything. When not working on a story you’ll find him enjoying the great restaurants, galleries and shops in Borderstan and D.C. Contact Hay at tom[AT]borderstan.com and follow him on Twitter @TomOnSwann.

Borderstan ContributorsLeanna Hoskins: Webmaster

Hoskins, of Free Spirit Media, is a Vancouver, B.C. based web developer who loves what she does. Specializing in building sites from the ground up, blog and graphic design, print and marketing collateral, social media marketing  as well as branding and SEO. If you are looking for a new website or a fresh update to an existing one, mention this profile on Borderstan and receive 15% off any new design contract. Contact Leanna at leannahoskins[AT]gmail.com.

"Melanie Hudson"Melanie Hudson: Lifestyle

Hudson has lived in or on the edge of Borderstan since 2002.  A non-profit executive and self-described theatre nerd, Melanie enjoys exploring the rich offerings of our community almost as much as a toasty glass of bubbly (a 5:00 p.m. Friday ritual).  In between performances at Rorschach or Studio Theatre, you can often find her out for a stroll with her beloved dog Harper, chronicling the latest neighborhood happenings and the people and personalities behind them. Follow Melanie on Twitter @champagne_me or email her at melanie[AT]borderstan.com.

"Lauren Jones"Lauren Jones: Food & Drink

Jones has been eating, drinking and photographing her way through Washington since 2011. Prior to that she was a serious globetrotter, living out of her suitcase for four years. When she’s not planning her next meal or creating culinary magic (or mess-ups) in her kitchen, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures. She is the co-author of www.theworldisourdistrict.com and you can follow her on Twitter @travelistajones

Borderstan ContributorsRachel Jones: Lifestyle

A Borderstan resident for more than five years, Jones is the owner and head trainer of K-9 Divine. She began training professionally in April of 2003 after attending an internship program at the Animal Behavior Center of New York. Jones is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator with the American Kennel Club and a Community Training Partner with Best Friends Animal Society. She has been in DC since 1994 when she came to study Spanish at Georgetown University, and then spent six years as a Spanish-to-English translator. Email her at rjones[AT]borderstan.com.

"Farrah Joon"Farrah Joon: Lifestyle

Joon moved to the East Coast just two years ago after growing up on the West Coast. As much as the winter here shocks her, she thinks of DC as her home. When she’s not working her daily 9-5 job, Farrah moonlights as a sex blogger for sexandfessenjoon.com – a website dedicated to unveiling the mystery about sex for Iranian Americans. Despite her DC-motivated obsession with foreign policy, Farrah can still enjoy the simpler things in life – like hot sauce, the heater, and turtles. Follow her @Farrah_Joon; email her at farrah[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsMike Kohn: Copyeditor, Columnist and HR Guy

Kohn writes, edits and serves as the HR Guy for the Borderstan team. When he is not working on Borderstan.com he is competing in ballroom dance competitions up and down the Atlantic Coast. Follow him on Twitter @mike_kohn; email him at mike[AT]borderstan.com.

Namita KoppaNamita Koppa: Food & Drink

Koppa arrived in Borderstan five years ago from South Carolina, where peaches are as sweet as Southern belles. Trained as an environmental cartographer, Namita’s passions for cuisine and community have followed her around the globe from the coffee plantations of southern India to Borderstan’s own lush mulberry trees. When she’s not thinking spatially, Namita can be found dancing, running, cheering on the Duke Blue Devils, practicing yoga, making ice cream, chatting with strangers-turned-friends, and playing in the nation’s beautiful capital. Email her at namita[AT]borderstan.com.

"Josh Kramer"Josh Kramer: Cartoonist

Kramer is a cartoonist and journalist. He’s lived in DC off and on since 2005. He draws nonfiction comics freelance and for his own anthology called The Cartoon Picayune. If it’s nice out, you might find him roaming around Borderstan sketching and watercoloring. Reach him at joshpkramer.tumblr.com, or cartoonpicayune.com. You can email him at joshk@borderstan.com and follow him on Twitter at @jessohackberry.

Borderstan ContributorsAparna Krishnamoorthy: Food & Drink

A Borderstan newbie, Krishnamoorthy has lived in the U street area since summer 2011, and spends her day as a Product Manager for a consulting firm. When not obsessing over food, she can be found playing a drum with Batala Washington, shopping for jewelry or planning her next vacation. Follow Krishnamoorthyon Twitter @aparnakris; email her at aparna[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsScott Leibowitz: Lifestyle

Leibowitz is the professional sports fan on the Borderstan team. He writes a weekly column on sports and outdoors activities in the area, Lebodome. When not writing Leibowitz enjoys the fields until it’s time for a cold one. Follow him on Twitter @Lebodome; email him at scott[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsAlden Leonard: Arts & Entertainment, News, Politics & Government

Leonard helps cover local government and arts topics for Borderstan. He grew up all over the place (visited all 50 states!) but calls the District home and, as such, is a politics junkie and DC enthusiast. He does PR by day and is an artist and arts supporter by night. He’s also a DJ of questionable taste and ability. Contact him at alden[AT]borderstan.com and follow him @aldenleonard on Twitter. Check out his paintings at Alden Leonard.

"Lauren Levine"Lauren Levine: Lifestyle, Food & Drink and Copyeditor

Levine works as a consultant in online non-profit communications and is passionate about using the internet to make the world a better place. A Bostonian at heart, Levine has been in DC for a year and a half and mostly enjoys living here so she can pretend to be a tour guide when people visit.

Borderstan ContributorsAshley Lusk: Lifestyle, Food & Drink

Lusk is a reader, writer and DCist. She enjoys walking on the left side of the escalator and eating cupcakes; she also happens to like monuments. Her day shift consists of digital marketing and social media for a youth development organization, but at night you can find her eating her way around The District. She interprets the movement of the city populace at www.arlusk.com and on Twitter @arlusk. You can email her at ashley[AT]borderstan.com.

David_McAuley_BorderstanDavid McAuley: News, Politics & Government

McAuley currently teaches English as a Second Language at the International Center for Language Studies in southern Borderstan. He has been a Foreign Service husband for 27 years, and has lived in Bulgaria, Thailand, Laos, Moldova, Romania, England, and exotic Arlington, Virginia, before moving to Borderstan in 2012. Make his day by liking his book reviews on Goodreads. Email him at david[AT]borderstan.com.
Borderstan ContributorsRachel Nania: Lifestyle & News

Nania likes writing about anything (and we mean anything) going on in the District. When she’s not working on Borderstan, she’s probably drinking too much espresso, striking a yoga pose (she likes to stand on her head), cleaning something, writing something or cooking something. Nania works as a digital editor at WTOP. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania; email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsCecile Oreste: Arts & Entertainment

Oreste writes about the arts for Borderstan and also blogs about the dance community in the D.C. metro area at her site danceDC. When she’s not writing and tweeting, you’ll find Oreste taking dance class, dreaming about travel or eating a super grilled cheese from Stoney’s on P Street NW. Follow her on Twitter @dance_DC. Email Oreste at cecile[AT]@borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsAlejandra Owens: Food & Drink Editor

Owens a communications pro for a large association by day. By night she writes about food and restaurants for Borderstan and directs social media strategy for the site. She has her own food blog, One Bite At a Time. Follow Owens on Twitter @frijolita; email her at alejandra[AT]borderstan.com.

"Jon Reithmaier"Jonathan Riethmaier: Food & Drink

Riethmaier is captivated by the culinary pursuit of coffee, and the community of folks who grow, prepare and drink it. He has worked in and alongside the specialty coffee industry since 2005, and is a believer in the role of coffee in improving lives, connecting people and building community. By day, Riethmaier is an advocate for community inclusion and human rights for persons with disabilities. You can find him at www.districtbean.com, a non-commercial source for specialty coffee news, advocacy and education, on Twitter at @DistrictBean, or shoot him an email at jonathan[AT]borderstan.com.

"Chelsea Rinning"Chelsea Rinnig: Food & Drink

Rinnig moved to Borderstan in Fall 2011 from Baltimore and hails originally from Los Angeles. Her dedication to the local food movement and commitment to eating simply and nutritiously have led her to both develop her culinary skills and write about her tasting new dishes both in her new city as well as her own kitchen. You can find Rinnig working downtown on weekdays, selling stone fruits and berries at the Dupont Farmers market on Sundays and splurging at fine restaurants here and there in-between. Email her at chelsea[AT]borderstan.com.

"Zak Salih"Zak Salih: Books

Salih reviews books and writes about literature. A DC-area native and Borderstan resident for the past three years, he’s an avid reader with a predilection for the kind of books you’re more likely to find at Kramerbooks than Books a Million. Salih is also a marketing copywriter with a background in English and journalism. Have leads on new books readers should pick up? Know any nifty reading spots in the neighborhood? Email him at zak[AT]borderstan.com.

"Cara Scharf"Cara Scharf: News

Scharf moved from Philly to DC three-and-a-half years ago and was promptly welcomed by two blizzards. Though the weather hasn’t been quite as exciting since then, she still loves DC for its walkability, free attractions and a wealth of cute doggies. An arts professional and singer, you can find Scharf performing with the Congressional Choir and/or promoting the health benefits of the arts. Email her at cara[AT]borderstan.com. You can follow her @CaraintheArts on Twitter.

"Dito Sevilla"Dito Sevilla: Lifestyle

 Sevilla was born into a large, extended Latino family. A DC native, expert mixologist, amateur oenophile, and avid collector. He thrives on human interaction, exposing ironies in the human condition, and enjoying watching history repeat itself. When not found behind the bar, Sevilla enjoys discovering old neighborhoods that other people call new, and finding the needles in life’s haystacks. Email him at dito[AT]borderstan.com and follow him on Twitter @DitoDC.

"John Shannon"John Shannon: Environment and Development

Shannon writes about green energy, sustainable development and economics. My blogs appear in the Arabian Gazette, EcoPoint, EnergyBoom, Huffington Post, United Nations Development Programme, WACSI. It is important to assist all levels of government and the business community to find sustainable ways forward for industry and consumers. Email him at john[AT]borderstan.com, follow him on Twitter @JBSCanada.

Willis_Shawver_BorderstanWillis Shawver: Lifestyle

Shawver moved to the District in 2003 and eventually found himself working in social media at a public health nonprofit. When he’s not writing for Borderstan, he’s probably watching reality TV or attending a live music show. He has opinions on just about everything. From politics, to TV and sports, and probably that outfit you decided to wear today. Email him at willis[AT]borderstan.com

"Josh Siegel"Josh Siegel: Video Features

Segal, a resident of the Borderstan area since 1999, co-produced the 2008 Audience Choice Award winning film for the DC 48-Hour Film Festival. Following his fascination with filmmaking, he decided to embark on a mission to make video more accessible to organizations and small businesses by creating Joo Kno Media in 2010. Now in it’s third year of operation, Joo Kno Media has helped dozens of clients bring their messages to customers and members through the magic of film. One of their recent films was shown as a preview feature at the Tucson Int’l Jewish Film Festival. Email Segal at josh[AT]borderstan.com

"Dafna Steinberg"Dafna Steinberg: Lifestyle

Steinberg, was born and raised in the Washington, DC area and moved back to Borderstan in 2008. From a very young age, she has always had a love, if not an obsession, with clothes and fashion. When she is not busy being an artist, she runs an online vintage clothing and accessories store called “I Found That Vintage and is one of the co-founders of DC Flea, a men’s and women’s vintage pop-up market. Find Steinberg on Tweeter @AlizaySteinberg. Email her at dafna[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsCody Telep: Crime

A resident of the U Street area, Telep writes about crime and the police.  He’s slowly but surely finishing a PhD in criminology at George Mason University. When he’s not working on his dissertation, you can find him eating and drinking all over Borderstan. Follow him on Twitter @codywt, email him at cody[AT]borderstan.com.

Borderstan ContributorsKim Vu: Food & Drink

Vu writes about food and restaurants for Borderstan. A DC resident since 2005, he works in international development by day. He also has his own food blog, DC Wrapped Dates. Follow him at @dcwrappeddates or email him at kim[AT]borderstan.com.