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Shedding Some Much Needed Light on the Planned Citadel Apartments

From Willis Shawver. Follow him on Twitter at @WShawver or email him at Willis[AT]borderstan.com. 


A rendering of the Citadel apartments. (Photo by Capital Pixel’s Lori Steenhoek.)

What’s on your list of must haves when looking for a new apartment in DC?

Well, the new Citadel Apartments in Adams Morgan (1631 Kalorama Road NW) might have everything you desire.

Modern design? Check. Within walking distance of Mt. Pleasant and U Street? Check. Close proximity to a supermarket? Double check. Windows? Well, about that 

Urban Turf reports that Washington DC based developer Douglas Development plans to build 39 apartments in the space above Harris Teeter that once held the old Kalorama skating rink and bowling alley.

In order to maximize space in the unique domed, circular layout of the old skating rink, architects designed an outside ring of 31 apartments and an inside block of eight apartments.

An unusual quirk of those eight center apartments – no windows. Without access to the perimeter windows of the dome, the architects decided to incorporate skylights into the layout to allow for natural light.

Having lived in a few basement apartments in the District, I know how important natural light can be for the human psyche. Windows provide a connection to the outside world, a fresh breeze on a sunny day, and most importantly, an emergency exit in case of a fire.

And maybe it’s just me, but DC needs fewer windowless apartments and more roller skating rinks.

The apartments will be delivered sometime this spring.

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Celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnaval in Adams Morgan

"Adams Morgan"

18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com. 

DC will celebrate Mardi Gras this Tuesday, February 12, with a celebration in Adams Morgan. From 6:30 until 10 pm, there will be marching bands, dancing and other festivities throughout the neighborhood.

Three live bands — including LaRue Horns,  ZeZe Brasil Samba School and Alafia Dancers & Drummers — will perform at five different venues along 18th Street and Columbia Road. If the weather holds, music will also be performed on the street to highlight the neighborhood’s new streetscape design.

The five hosts for the Mardi Gras celebration are:

  • Bossa DC, 2463 18th Street NW
  • Chief Ikes Mambo Room, 1725 Columbia Road NW
  • The Grill From Ipanema, 1858 Columbia Road NW
  • Rumba CafĂ©, 2443 18th Street NW
  • Jack Rose, 2007 18th Street NW

For more information or for details on the event and the schedule of the performances, follow Adams Morgan Main Street on Twitter @adamsmorganms; find them on Facebook.

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Taan Noodles: Northwest’s Answer to Toki

From Kim Vu. He also has his own food blog, DC Wrapped Dates. Follow him at@dcwrappeddates or email him at kim[AT]borderstan.com.

"Taan Noodles"

Try it at Tann Noodles. (Kim Vu)

By now, it’s a common dinner conversation amongst Washingtonians, well worn by any of us who call ourselves food lovers in this city: your personal breathless recounting of “that time I went to Toki Underground, and just how long it took me to get the seat, but how cool the interior design was, and the drinks were awesome, and the ramen was absolutely to die for, and ZOMG let me tell you about it one more time.”

Much like Dupont’s Little Serow, Toki’s ubiquitous hype (see: newly acquired spot on Washingtonian Top 100, recent visits by celebrities as varied as Ferran Adria and Neil Patrick Harris) mixed with its no-reservation policy and small seat count results in wait times that are in enumerated in the hours, not minutes.

And still we all, desperate to have some of that magical broth and noodles that taste like they’re spun out of angel hair, will trek out to H Street for this pilgrimage.

Could I Interest You in Taan?

But what if I told you that there was a noodle bar, within walking distance of Borderstan, that not only rivals the venerable Toki with its ramen bowls, but also features more seats and includes an upstairs space where you can sit and wait for your table? Could I interest you in Taan Noodles?

What’s curious about Taan is that the restaurant’s 18th and Columbia sits (1817 Columbia Road NW) within a city block of another recent noodle bar opening: Sakuramen. Unlike this traditional Japanese neighbor, Taan fits in decor-wise with current restaurant trends, namely rustic and refurbished farmhouse. To wit, all of the restaurant’s decorations from the antique cash register and red doors on the wall behind the bar to the mason jars and crates on wooden shelves hammered into the exposed brick come from an estate in West Virginia.

"Taan Noodles"

Tann Noodles inside. (Kim Vu)

Seating consists of an eight-seat bar to the left of the restaurant with a series of two-top and four-top high tables in the front and right side of the restaurant. In the rear of the restaurant is a set of stairs to a second floor landing, the aforementioned overflow space where you can wait. It looks like a nice casual lounge, like the upstairs of a cozy independent bookstore.

On this trip, our group varies our options: my vegetarian girlfriend obviously goes for the vegetarian ramen, while I go with the Maze-Men, which can best be described as “throw everything in the bowl” soup. The former is a beet-based soup, with tomato, charred corn, purple potato, baby carrots, shichimi, basil oil, beet pickles, and a yuzu creme fraiche. The beet flavor is forward on this dish, so non-beet lovers should beware. Still, I don’t want to sell it short: the vegetables were solid, the tomato and corn particularly surprising and refreshing, and the whole bowl a very flavorful veggie option for a dish traditionally based on meat.

Mine, like I said, was an everything-but-the-sink dish: pork belly, duck confit, chicken confit, pickled cucumber, tomato, charred corn, scallions, woodear mushrooms, mustard greens, chilies, nori and egg yolk. Curiously, the one thing it does not come with is broth; instead, it’s intentionally given a small amount that wets the whole thing, but makes it a little less than a soup.

Still, there are many brilliant things to love about this dish: the deliciously seared pork belly, the brilliant nuggets of charred corn, the mustard greens that make me want to eat just them forever. In fact, it’s these components that are the basis of the Triple Stock Ramen, the dish that our dining companions had loved so much the previous time they went that they convinced us to go. If the Triple Stock’s pork belly, corn, and greens are as delicious as the ones I had, then it’ll likely become my go-to option on future trips.

So, if you want the deliciousness of Toki without the wait, are jonesing for some takeout ramen or if you simply want a fun new place to head to on the fringes of our beautiful Borderstan, head up to Taan.

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Borderstan Area Named One of America’s Top ArtPlaces


U Street and Adams Morgan are two of the top most art-centric places in the country. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Kathryn Ciano. Follow her on Twitter @katciano. Email her at  kathryn[AT]borderstan.com.

DC Mayor Vincent Gray’s office announced this week that Adams Morgan and U Street, together, are one of America’s Top 12 ArtPlaces in the country. ArtPlace, a community-based collaborative focused on “creative placemaking,” selected these two neighborhoods for the title, among other cities, such as Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle.

According to the press release, ArtPlace selected Adams Morgan/U Street and the rest of the honored neighborhood list based on a set of six indicators identified by a consulting firm that specializes in the study of metropolitan economies:

Four indicators measure the ingredients of vibrancy: the number of retail and service businesses; the percentage of independent businesses; the neighborhood’s Walk Score; and the percentage of workers in creative occupations living in the neighborhood. Two arts-related indicators were also used: the number of arts-related non-profits and the number of arts-related businesses. Finally, neighborhood scores were normalized for family income so that neighborhoods with the highest concentration of income did not skew the results.

This is the second time ArtPlace has recognized the District as a creative community. In 2011, ArtPlace granted $250,000 to fund Arts and Culture Temporiums in four emerging DC neighborhoods: Anacostia, Brookland, Deanwood, and Central 14th Street NW (Spring Road to Longfellow Street NW).

Enjoy our creative neighborhood and get to know your neighbors by checking out the upcoming exhibits at local galleries this weekend — there are almost too many to name. My short list is below, but you can always check out Borderstan’s semi-weekly gallery roundup, or this link for Borderstan’s year-end exhibition roundup for more complete lists of nearby art spots:

  • At Longview gallery, 1234 9th Street NW, Colin Winterbottom’s “Gothic Resilience” presents a series of photos of the national cathedral restoration starting January 10 (including photos of artifacts and architecture damaged in the Aug. 2011 earthquake)
  • Gallery plan b, 1530 14th Street is showing mosaics by Ted Milligan and Michael Curry, starting January 12.
  • Curator’s Office, 1515 14th Street NW, Ste. 201, “Periodically invites a curator (museum curator, critic, artist, collector, educator, promising student, gallerist) to display a tightly focused presentation of an artist or art collective’s work. The invited curator provides an explanation for the selection and defines the cultural significance of that particular artist to contemporary art practice. From time to time, artists are invited to interpret the ‘office/micro-gallery space.”
  • Transformer Gallery, 1404 P Street, is a tiny space hosting an exhibition called “Cabinets of Curiosity,” starting January 19.
  • Hamiltonian Gallery, 1353 U Street NW, opens Here Not There on January 12: “Joshua Wade Smith began Here Nor There with a two-day long urban trek in which he walked along the train tracks from his home in Baltimore to DC. On the second leg of the trip, Smith recorded his walk through Washington, DC from the train tracks near New York Avenue to the doors of Hamiltonian Gallery. The project concludes on opening night with an in-gallery performance. Smith will send runners sprinting down a 40 foot-long racetrack toward a mirrored wall, thereby forcing his performers to undergo the same physical and perceptual challenges he experienced on his solo journey.”
  • Randall Scott Projects, 2030 8th Street NW at V Street, opening in DC in January. Randall Scott has been in and out of the Borderstan area—most recently occupying a 2,400 square foot Shaw studio until that was demolished this fall. See this space for Botticellian and schoolgirlish soul-wrenching figures.

Check the galleries’ websites for exhibition opening info. Most of these galleries are open late enough in the evening so that you can stop in and poke around for a sec on your way home from work. Openings are always the best time to come, when you can meet the artist, and sip wine while you browse. Enjoy!

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Body of Michael Poe Found in Adams Morgan

From Cody Telep. Follow him on Twitter @codywt, email him at cody[AT]borderstan.com.


Michael Steven Poe. (Courtesy of Montgomery County Police)

The body of 23-year-old Michael Steven Poe of Clarksburg, Maryland, was found Wednesday evening in the 1800 block of Biltmore Street NW according to a release from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

Poe had been reported missing January 1 when he did not return home after spending New Year’s Eve in the District. He had left a group of friends at Shenanigan’s Pub in the 2400 block of 18th Street NW at about 12:30 am January 1 and had last used his cell phone at 2:30 am.

According to The The Washington Post, Poe’s father was handing out flyers in Adams Morgan Wednesday evening when a woman recalled seeing Poe on her building’s roof early January 1.

Poe’s body was found 50 feet down a ventilation shaft near the roof. It remains unclear how Poe ended up on the roof and if and how he fell into the shaft. MPD reports that detectives from the Homicide Branch are investigating the death, but foul play is not suspected in the case. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will conduct an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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Adams Morgan Picked as One of “Prettiest Painted Places” in U.S.

"Adams Morgan"

The 18th Street corridor in Adams Morgan. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com.

We’ve known it for years, but now the rest of the nation knows it: Adams Morgan is one of the “Prettiest Painted Places in America.”

The DC neighborhood was recently nominated, along with 200 other colorful communities, in the Prettiest Painted Places competition, which is sponsored by the Paint Quality Institute.

So, then —what is the purpose of this competition? Well, according to Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert for the Paint Quality Institute, the purpose is to show what a can of paint can do for a neighborhood, aesthetically speaking.

“The purpose of our competition is to identify and recognize those towns and neighborhoods that best demonstrate how exterior paint can enhance the appearance of an entire community,” said Zimmer in a press release statement. “By honoring the most aesthetically-pleasing places, we believe our competition will give everyone an appreciation for the role that exterior paint can play in protecting and enhancing the appearance of any home or building.”

The finalist cities will be selected in late September. A panel of judges will select 60 places as finalists, 10 from each of six geographic regions of the U.S. Then, after further research, a panel of judges from major media outlets will select two places from each region as the 12 Prettiest Painted Places in America.

Our bets are on Adams Morgan.

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The Charlie Visconage Show is Back!

"Borderstan""Charlie Visconage"

Charlie Visconage is back every second Friday of the month. Next show is Friday, June 8. (Luis Gomez Photos)

In February Borderstan’s Kate Hays interviewed Charlie Visconage who brought the late night talk-show, the Charlie Visconage Show, to DC. Now Visconage is back after the show had a successful run of 10 weeks at the DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. The show will be filmed live every second Friday of the month.

As of last Friday night, the show is back to a monthly schedule — the first Friday of the month at 10 pm. The May 4 was sold out  — so plan ahead for the next show on June 8. The show will have the same late night-talk show format focused on connecting DC-area artists  and people-of-interest.

Who’s on the Show?

The first show of the new season features on May 4 featured Philippa Hughes, Chief Creative Contrarian, The Pink Line Project; Jennifer Tress, Writer, Blogger, Storyteller, Performer/Artist; Kristina Bilonick, Head Coach of DC CHEER! and a performance by their team; and Musical Guest Indie Pop/Rock band North of Canada.

June 8 Guests

The next show is Friday, June 8, with the following guests at the DC Arts Center, 2438 18th Street NW:
  • Shawn Westfall: Head DC Improv Teacher, Actor, Standup (dcimprov.com).
  • Buck Downs: Poet, Publisher, and Editor (buckdowns.com).
  • The Cornel West Theory: Eclectic mix of go-go, jazz, rock and hip-hop (thecornelwesttheory.com).

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The War For Late Night… in Washington DC

"Borderstan" "Charlie Visconage"

The Charlie Visconage Show runs weekly through March 22 at the DC Arts Center, 2438 18th Street NW. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Kate Hays. Follow her on Twitter @kateyhays and email her at kate[AT]borderstan.com.

DC’s newest talk show host has variety in his blood. Charlie Visconage was introduced to improv comedy by a high school teacher, has dabbled in competitive ballroom dancing, is an amateur photographer and has an affection for comic books (Batman and Watchman, mostly).

Last October, he found himself unhappy at work (sales – hated it) and quit to clear his mind and get creative. He listened to some Chris Gethard and read The War For Late Night. Soon, an idea began to brew. After a push from mentor Topher Bellavia and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, The Charlie Visconage Show was born – for a 10-week first run.

Every week, between now and March 22, 2012, the show will highlight area artists, musicians and all-around interesting people. Upcoming guests include Amy Saidman and James Alefantis (of Comet Ping Pong fame).  On March 15, the show will host an evening dedicated to sex and romance, with a burlesque dancer and a real-life “Hitch.”

When he’s not hamming it up, Charlie does have a day job, is big into old cars and patronizes local Borderstan haunts like The Standard, Church Key and Peregrine. No matter where he is, Charlie is always plotting his next move.

“The worst thing is a person who talks about things… and never does them.”

Something tells me Charlie is in the clear.

Go check out DC’s latest Conan and learn more about our local noteworthy talent on display each week.

The Charlie Visconage Show runs January 19, 2012 through March 22, 2012; shows are Thursday night at 10pm at the DC Arts Center.

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Monday’s Photo: “Disco Beams”

"Borderstan""Jen Morrissey"

“Disco Beams” is by Jen Morrissey from the Borderstan flickr pool.

Photos of the Day are pulled from the Borderstan Reader Photos pool on Flickr.

Today’s photo, “Disco Beams” was taken by Jen Morrissey at Muzetee Karaoke in Adams Morgan on February 13 .

If you don’t already have a Flickr account, you will need to sign up for one, and then join the Borderstan Reader Photos group. Already a Flickr member? Join the group! You can submit up to five photos per day in the Borderstan reader pool. We are looking for photos from D.C.’s Dupont, Logan and U Street neighborhoods.

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SYMHM: High Heel Winner, Red Line Work, Ontario Theatre Woes

17th Street High Heel Race, Luis Gomez Photos

The 26th annual High Heel Race, from left: 2011 Champion Craig Williams, Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), and Runner-up Stephen. The winner’s trophy is a slipper full of brandy. (Luis Gomez Photos)

From Michelle Lancaster. Follow her and tell her your news on Twitter @MichLancaster or email her at michellel@borderstan.com.

Drag Queens, High Heels and Running for 25 Years

Update: Heels, Wigs, Costumes on 17th Street: We Got Pics!

Send in your gosh darned pictures from last night, already! Share them on the Borderstan Flickr pool.  Borderstan’s beloved Halloween tradition of drag queens, wanna-be-queens and a few competitive runners was held last night on 17th Street: The High Heel Race. This year’s winner, Craig Williams, won for the second time, also winning in 2008. Runner-up Stephen was the 3rd Place finisher last year. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans was the official judge at the finish line and trophy presenter. The trophy this year was a hand-blown glass slipper full of brandy.

WTOP gave a quick preview of the event, including some good nuggets of history like the date of the first run (1986), its origins (a bet, no surprise there) and some early expectations for crowds. If you have lived in DC for more than a Halloween, have a sense of humor and enjoy some serious pageantry, you pretty much have to go next year.

Red Line to be a CF This Weekend

If you are planning to support friends at the Marine Core Marathon, go out around Dupont or do anything else on our part of the Red Line, just don’t bother. The Metro’s track maintenance schedule will cause single-tracking between Dupont Circle and Judiciary Square to create a safe work zone at Farragut North, says The Washington Post. That station definitely needs some work, and I guess it’s not rush hour but man, what a bummer. Trains will leave the end of the line every 20 minutes or so, and will go through the work zone (one train in each direction) every 20 minutes.

Saving the Other Theatre in the Area

Greater Greater Washington shares the story of the Ontario Theatre at 17th Street and Columbia Road NW. It’s been abandoned, neglected and may ultimately disappear in what historians (or GGW) feel is a blow to history. Sound familar? It should — seems similar to the plight of the Lincoln Theatre. The difference, of course, is that the Lincoln is currently functioning as a theater.

The Ontario, once a neighborhood theater showing first-run movies, one of only two in DC. It was ravaged by the riots after Dr. King’s death, became a Latino community meeting place and then became home to performances by The Clash and Blondie. A building that is more than 60-years-old, which embodies the changing history of the neighborhood and is also a pretty sweet architectural structure? That sounds like historical preservation status-worthy to me.

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