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Wednesday: ANCs Hosting Town Hall Meeting on Liquor Moratorium


The zone for the proposed liquor license moratorium for the 14th and U NW area.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 1B, 2B/Dupont and 2F/Logan are hosting a public town hall meeting on Wednesday, March 20 to discuss the proposed liquor moratorium for the 14th and U Streets NW area. The meeting of the three ANCs will take place at The Thurgood Marshall Center (1816 12th Street NW) at 7 pm.

According to the organizing ANCs, “Though this is the only joint meeting being held on the proposal, ANCs may hold additional smaller meetings — decisions or actions will not be taken at this meeting. Organizers intend to give each participant one to two minutes to speak and request that members of the community direct their comments to the ANC Commissioners present.” (See Liquor License Moratorium Roadshow Visits ANC 2F.)

The Proposed Liquor Moratorium

The Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance (SDCA) and the Residential Action Coalition (RAC) citizen groups have filed a petition with the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) to establish a liquor license moratorium zone for the 14th and U Street NW corridor. The two groups request that a circular zone be established that extends 1,800 feet from 1211 U Street NW.

So far, almost 1,000 residents have signed a petition against the moratorium. ANC 1B briefly discussed the proposed moratorium on February 7, but there was no official motion or vote on the meeting or any other aspect of the moratorium. 

The filing of the moratorium petition by SDCA and RAC came just days after Mayor Vincent Gray officially enacted major changes to laws and regulations pertaining to alcohol sales. Among the changes in the law is a provision that would dismiss any liquor license protest by a group of five or more residents if an applicant reaches an agreement with their ANC.

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Nichols Wins ANC 2B-05 Special Election

From David McAuley. Email him at david[AT]borderstan.com.


Sealing the ballot box at last night’s special election. Seated from left are three ANC 2B commissioners: Chair Will Stephens (08), Vice Chair Mike Feldstein (01) and Noah Smith (09). (David McAuley)

Abigail Nichols defeated Dito Sevilla in the special election for the vacant seat on Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B/Dupont last night, Wednesday, March 13. The final tally was 34 votes for Nichols and 12 for Sevilla.

Nichols will fill the seat for Single Member District 05 until the next election in 2014. The seat became open after Commissioner Victor Wexler resigned after being re-elected in November. Each district has approximately 2,000 residents and there are nine commissioners of ANC 2B.

Gottlieb Simon, executive director of the District Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, acted as election manager. Simon allowed me to observe the vote count, along with Nichols. There was no representative present from the Sevilla campaign. A resolution endorsing the election results  passed unanimously after the results were reported.

Abigail Nichols new 2B05 Commissioner.(Courtesy Abigail Nichols)

Abigail Nichols. (Courtesy of Nichols)

Nichols must now be sworn in by a member of the DC council. Ruth Warner of the office of Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) was present at the meeting and offered to arrange a swearing-in before the next ANC 2B meeting.

ANC Meeting Highlights

The election was held on the sidelines of ANC 2B’s regular monthly meeting. Some highlights from the meeting:

  • The ANC unanimously authorized spending up to $100 for new signs for the park at the intersection of T, 17th and New Hampshire NW (located just north of the Dog Park). The signs will remind that this park is for humans, not for dogs. The police will enforce this rule only after signs have been placed warning citizens, and the wait for signs from the DC Department of Parks and Recreation is too long.
  • The ANC, by a vote of 5 to 0 (with one abstention), voted to endorse proposed additional bus service for lower 16th Street NW. The extra buses will run from 7:30 to 9:15 am weekdays on a short route starting at Harvard Street and ending at McPherson Square. WMATA head bus planner Jim Hamre told the meeting that the extra buses will start on March 25.
  • The ANC unanimously approved Commissioner Noah Smith’s resolution in support of the DC Council’s “Bicycle Safety Amendment Act of 2013.” Smith represents 2B-09.

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ANC Liquor Subcommittees Consider U Street Moratorium

From David McAuley. Email him at david[AT]borderstan.com


ANC 2F discusses the proposed liquor moratorium on Wednesday night. (David McAuley)

In two separate public meetings Wednesday night, February 20, the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) Committees of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) 2F and 1B discussed next steps on the proposed U Street liquor license moratorium. ANC 2F covers the Logan Circle area while ANC 1B includes a large bulk of the U Street area.

The area of the proposed moratorium would fall in both districts, as well as neighboring districts 2B and 6E.

At the ANC 2F meeting, ABRA Committee Member Christopher Dyer proposed and later withdrew a motion opposing the liquor license moratorium. In between the proposal and the withdrawal, committee members discussed various issues surrounding the moratorium and listened to opinions from members of the public.

Some committee members expressed opposition to the moratorium; others said that they wanted more public input first. ABRA Committee Member Kate Gordon said that she was against Dyer’s motion “because I want to hear what people have to say.”

Committee Member Matt Raymond (also Commissioner for ANC2 F-07 and chair of ANC 2F) noted that a joint meeting of all effected ANCs, which had been first proposed by ANC2F, was tentatively scheduled for March 20. The committee hoped that “maybe” there would be an opportunity to meet again after the proposed joint ANC meeting in March, at which time the committee could discuss and vote on a recommendation to the ANC as a whole.

Raymond also told the committee that Shaw-Dupont Citizens Alliance President Joan E. Sterling had to decline an invitation to speak at the ANC 2F committee, due to the conflicting ANC 1B meeting. When the floor was opened to comments, one other member of the public, a resident of ANC 6E, spoke in favor of the moratorium. A representative of the Logan Circle Community Association spoke against it.

At the same time, reports on Twitter indicated that ANC1B’s ABRA Committee was hearing testimony on the moratorium. ANC 2B Commissioner Kevin O’Connor tweeted from the meeting that a representative of the DC government did a “good presentation” about moratorium process and procedure.

Later, O’Connor tweeted that the Shaw Dupont Citizens Alliance presented their petition to the committee. However, no action or vote was taken by ANC1B’s ABRA Committee. O’Connor described the meeting as “a listening session.”

O’Connor is also the chairman of the ABRA Committee for neighboring ANC 2B.

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Dupont ANC 2B Discusses U Street Liquor License Moratorium, Growlers

From David McAuley. Email at david[AT]borderstan.com


ANC 2B  discussed growler sales the the 14th and U liquor license moratorium. (David McAuley.)

At its meeting last night (February 13), Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B‘s discussion on the controversial 14th and U Liquor License Moratorium was limited to procedural issues. No public comment, for or against the proposal itself, was solicited or accepted by the committee. No members of the public attempted to speak about the moratorium during the part of the meeting when the Commission addressed it.

“Look for public meetings in late March,” said Kevin O’Connor, commissioner for ANC 2B-02, and chairman of the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) Policy Committee — referring to a previous proposal to hold a joint committee meeting of the ANCs that fall within the boundaries of the proposed moratorium. This proposal for a joint committee was first passed as a resolution at the meeting of Logan Circle area ANC 2F on February 6. It was discussed and characterized as a “super-committee” at the U Street area ANC 1B meeting on February 7.

“It sends a better message if we coordinate,” O’Connor also said.

Commissioner Noah Smith (ANC 2B-09) said that calling the joint meeting a “super-committee” was inaccurate. He said that the joint meetings should be considered “listening sessions”, in which the commissioners will hear the opinions of the community. No votes would be taken at the joint meetings, Smith said.

Smith also disagreed with an opinion expressed by supporters of the moratorium. Supporters, said Smith, had asserted that local communities would not be effected if it did not fall within the proposed boundaries of the moratorium. Smith said that communities near the proposed moratorium will be effected as well.

Dupont Circle is currently the site of two existing liquor license moratoriums, one at Dupont West (centered at the corner of 21st and P Streets NW), and the other on 17th Street NW. The 17th Street liquor license moratorium is due to expire in September 2013, according to the committee.

Earlier in the same meeting, ANC2B voted unanimously in favor of widening the availability of growlers in the Dupont area. Owing to a gap in DC’s recent omnibus ABRA legislation, local liquor and grocery stores in certain parts of DC were not allowed to sell growlers without local ANC permission. ANC2B’s vote means that all liquor and grocery stores in its jurisdiction that have already received permission to sell single units of alcohol in other forms will now be able to sell growlers as well.

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Dupont ANC to Vote on Growler Sales at Liquor Stores

From David McAuley. Email at david[AT]borderstan.com


Dupont ANC to Vote on growler sales. (Luis Gomez Photos)

Another front on the Borderstan-area liquor sales controversy could open up on Wednesday, 13 February. That’s when the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B will vote on a resolution that will allow liquor and grocery stores in the Dupont Circle area to sell growlers of beer. Growlers are reusable jugs, often glass or ceramic, with a capacity of up to one-half gallon.

ANC 2B is already accepting comments on the resolution on its blog. One anti-resolution commenter on the site declared that allowing the sale of growlers “steps over the line”.

The new resolution comes on the heels of recent attempts by two local citizens groups to establish a new liquor license moratorium in an approximately six-block-wide circular area centered near the intersection U and 12th Streets NW. In response, opponents of the moratorium have started a petition and a website.

The sale of growlers for off-premise consumption became officially legal in the District as of January 15 due to new legislation. However, sales of single containers of beer are banned in all of Ward 2, an area which extends from the Capitol to Georgetown and from the Potomac to U Street.

ANC 2B is authorized to grant exceptions to this ban for liquor and grocery stores in its own jurisdiction, which is a considerably smaller area around Dupont Circle. The resolution, if passed, would effectively grandfather in all liquor and grocery stores in the area that have previously been granted a Single-Sales Exemption for other types of beer container, allowing them to sell growlers as well.

Brewpubs, or microbreweries, in the area do not require an exemption to sell growlers.

The 13 February ANC 2B meeting will be open to the public, starting at 7 pm at the Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue NW. The text of the resolution can be found on ANC 2B’s website. Comments can be left at the bottom of this page. A map showing the area of ANC 2B’s jurisdiction can be found here.

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12 Dupont Restaurants Named in Washingtonian’s Top 100

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com.


12 Dupont Circle restaurants included in the 100 Best of Washingtonian Magazine. (Luis Gomez Photos)

The most recent issue of Washingtonian magazine features the best 100 restaurants in the DC metro area. And while you’ll have to pick-up this month’s magazine to get the full list, Dupont Circle ANC 2B tells us that this year, 12 of the top restaurants hail from Dupont Circle.

Komi, Little Serow, Boqueria, DGS Delicatessen and Eola have been visited by our contributors.

The 12 named Dupont restaurants are:

  • Komi, 1509 17th Street NW
  • Little Serow, 1511 17th Street NW
  • Adour at The St. Regis, 932 16th Street NW
  • The Bombay Club, 815 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Boqueria, 1837 M Street NW
  • DGS Delicatessen, 1317 Connecticut Avenue NW
  • Eola, 2020 P Street NW
  • Kaz Sushi Bistro, 1915 I Street NW
  • Obelisk, 2029 P Street NW
  • Plume at The Jefferson, 1200 16th Street NW
  • Sushi Taro, 1503 17th Street NW
  • Vidalia, 1990 M Street NW

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Borderstan’s Most Popular Politics and Government Stories of 2012

"politics and government"

Five of the 10 most popular 2012 Politics and Government stories were related to local ANC races. (Collage by Luis Gomez Photos)

It’s that time again… a look back before we start 2013. Like last December, we will provide you with a list of the most-read stories on Borderstan by category. Today are the Top 10 from the Politics and Governmenet section.

The web is forever, so they say. Posted stories continue to get hits a long time after originally going up on the site. As a result, some of the most-read stories for the year were sometimes published the year before — especially if they were published late the year before (although that was not the case with following stories, all from 2012).

Top 10 Politics and Government Stories of 2012

These Politics and Government stories were Top 10 most read last year on Borderstan.com. Five of them were related to local ANC candidaes/races in Advisory Neighborhood Commissions 1B, 2B and 2F. section.

  1. Meet Walt Cain: Candidate for ANC 2F-02 (Rachel Nania)
  2. Where to Follow the Election Online Today (Borderstan)
  3. Mayor Gray Dines at Hank’s Oyster Bar, Shows Support for Restaurant (Tom Hay)
  4. Know the Candidates in Contested ANC Races (Rachel Nania)
  5. Have Our National Monuments Become Too “Disneyfied?” (Maggie Barron)
  6. Streetscape Project: U Street Rehabilitation To Begin June 11 (Tom Hay)
  7. Contested ANC Races: Compare the Candidates’ Positions (Borderstan)
  8. Borderstan ANC Races: Six Contested Races in 2B, 2F and 1B (Tom Hay)
  9. Meet Zahra Jilani: Candidate for ANC 1B-12 (Rachel Nania)
  10. Poll Closes Sunday: Should Just 5 People Be Allowed to Protest a Liquor License? (Rachel Nania)

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ANC 2B Meeting Will Discuss Inauguration, School Closings

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com. 


Click for a larger map: ANC 2B covers the Dupont Circle area and has 9 seats. (DC Board of Elections)

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B will hold it’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 12 at 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW from 7 pm until 10 pm.

At the height of they city’s impending bill to reform liquor licensing, voluntary agreements (VAs) and the role of neighbors in influencing a businesses liquor license, the ANC will discuss  a consideration of waiver of VA interior hours restrictions during Inauguration Week (January 15 through January 21).

The meeting will also discuss a resolution on planned school consolidations, routine regulatory applications, zoning and development updates and public safety concerns — which should be an interesting discussion, considering the recent spike in crime in the area.

The meeting is open to the public. For more information, visit ANC 2B’s website.

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Contested ANC Races: Some Clear Winners, Some Narrow Leads


Waiting for the provisional and absentee ballot count: Four winners, two races questionable in local ANC races. (Collage Luis Gomez Photos)

All 143 DC Precincts have reported in, but provisional and absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Even with some votes still to be counted by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics, there seem to be four clear winners — and two races that could depend on the uncounted votes — in local contested races for Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seats in 1B, 2B and 2F.

According to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE), provisional and absentee ballots must be counted no later than 10 days after an election. As of early Wednesday morning, DCBOEE was unable to say how many such ballots are outstanding in DC.

Tuesday Morning ANC Race Results

  • U Street: In the four-way 1B-12 race, Zahara Jilanni has 263 votes with her nearest competitor, John Green, holding 245 votes, an 18 vote difference. Erling Bailey and Dan Wittels finished further back. The question in this race comes down to those outstanding votes.
  • Dupont: In the 2B-03 race, Stephanie Maltz holds a commanding lead over Bevan Mace, 404 to 102; Maltz has 78% of the vote.
  • Dupont: In 2B-04, Kishan Putta has 62% with 497 votes. Stephanie Sheridan is in second place with 208 votes and Martin Espinoza has 87 votes.
  • Logan: In 2F-02, Walt Cain holds a 51 vote lead over Adam Stempel, 292 to 241.
  • Logan: In 2F-04, John Fanning has a 14 vote lead over Joel Heisey, 299 to 285. Again, could provisional and absentee ballots change the result?
  • Logan: In 2F-08, Matt Connolly holds what is probably a comfortable 47 vote lead over Howard Marks, 235 to 188.

ANC 1B-12

  • Erling Bailey: 127
  • John Green: 245
  • Zahra Jilani: 263
  • Dan Wittels: 85
  • Write-In: 9

ANC 2B-03

  • Bevan Mace: 102
  • Stephanie Maltz: 404
  • Write-In: 147

ANC 2B-04

  • Martin Espinoza: 87
  • Kishan Putta: 497
  • Stephanie Sheridan: 208
  • Write-In: 7

ANC 2F-02

  • James Baker: 75
  • Walt Cain: 292
  • Adam Stempel: 241
  • Write-In: 6

ANC 2F-04

  • John Fanning: 299
  • Joel Heisey: 285
  • Write-In: 12

ANC 2F-08

  • Matt Connolly: 235
  • Howard Marks: 188
  • Write-In: 6

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ANC 2B-03 Candidate Bevan Mace on the Issues Facing Dupont Circle

From Rachel Nania. Check out her blog, Sear, Simmer & Stir. Follow Nania on Twitter @rnania, email her at rachel[AT]borderstan.com.


Bevan Mace is running for the ANC 2B-03 seat. (Courtesy Bevan Mace)

There are 21 Single Member District (SMD) seats up for grabs on the November 6 ballot in three different local ANCs: 2B/Dupont, 2F/Logan and 1B, which includes most of the U Street corridor. Recently we introduced you to the candidates, including Bevan Mace (see Know the Candidates in Contested ANC Races). He faces Stephanie Maltz for the ANC 2B-03 seat.

Now, it’s Question and Answer Time on the issues.

Borderstan: What will be your first priority/new initiative if you are elected to ANC 2B and why?

Mace: Increasing the communication between residents/ businesses and the ANC would be a top priority. The development of the ANC website is a great resource but we need to continue to find effective ways to directly connect with constituents in our neighborhood. This is important because constituents may not be aware of the issues and topics being discussed that impact them and therefore represent missed opportunities to get their perspectives to inform the ANC’s decisions and actions.

Borderstan: How will you engage your constituents on issues so that your decisions reflect that of the majority of your Single Member District?

Mace: Continuing from the previous question I believe we need effective formal and informal methods to engage our constituents and provide a better network of information distribution. One specific formal method I would like to see is a direct link between the ANC, neighborhood associations and the major residential buildings via the presidents of the homeowner/ condo associations. This would provide a quick way to proactively communicate upcoming issues to a large portion of our constituents. One informal method would involve partnering with businesses to help advertise to residents specific upcoming topics or issues, where to go for more information and how to provide feedback to decision makers.

Borderstan: How will you work to help bring process and transparency to decisions that impact the DuPont neighborhood, such as the renovations for Stead Park, so that the diversity of the community as a whole is reflected?

Mace: Given the complex nature of neighborhood decisions they need a formalized decision making process similar to the informal one we follow when making personal decisions (weigh pros and cons and choose the option we believe meets our needs the most). I strongly believe in collaboratively discussing all stakeholder needs and goals at the onset of any major issue or project. Once needs and goals are established then metrics should be identified that allow planners, designers and decision makers to rank various options and ideas. This ranking provides two benefits: 1 — allows the group to see what solution has the most advantages (pros) and 2 — provides transparency on how a decision was reached that can be used to easily communicate the decision making process to others.

Borderstan: What value do you think neighborhood associations provide and how do you plan to interact with them?

Mace: The neighborhood associations provide a great direct link to both residents and businesses and are a critical part of the community network to increase two way communication between the ANC and constituents. I would meet with the leadership of the neighborhood associations and develop ways to promote increased communication about issues and awareness of needs to inform my decision making.


Click for a larger map of ANC 2B. (DC Board of Elections)

Borderstan: The East Dupont Liquor License Moratorium, which affects 17th Street NW, comes up for renewal in 2013, and ANC 2B will have an opportunity to weigh in by offering an advisory opinion to the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board on its renewal. Do you support renewing the moratorium? If so, why? If not, why?

Mace: Many constituents have voiced a desire to not see the moratorium renewed. I believe the moratorium is a temporary solution and we need to proactively engage all stakeholders to address the real needs and issues of businesses and residents in this area. By addressing the real issues in a collaborative way I hope we can develop long term innovative and sustainable solutions that integrate businesses and residents needs and can be a model for other neighborhoods.

Borderstan: Do you believe the voluntary agreement process for liquor license applicants needs to be changed? If so, how?

Mace: I believe the voluntary agreement provides a solution to reaching a mutual agreement when all parties act in good faith for specific issues that could not have been concieved or addressed with broader policies or regulations. However, the current process can allow a small number of people to disproportionally affect a larger group of constituents. I believe this process and any changes need to considered as part of the long term solution to the issues currently addressed by the Moratorium.

Borderstan: Do you believe that the police presence, particularly on the 17th Street, 18th Street and Connecticut Avenue corridors, is adequate, especially on weekends?

Mace: I think public safety and police presence is an issue that is constantly changing and strategies need to evolve and adapt with that change. I think the police presence is improved but we can always do better — we still have residents with safety and security concerns that need to be addressed.

Borderstan: Are there types of business in the neighborhood that stand out as something we need more of in the area? If so, can you name three?

Mace: For the last six years I have enjoyed the diversity of our neighborhood that makes it the best place to live in DC! We have a great variety of small and large businesses, landmarks, museums and, of course, restaurants. One thing that stands out is the need to develop the Dupont Underground. Certainly this is a complex topic but one with a lot of opportunity. I look forward to hearing from constituents about potential needs to adapt to current trends and maintain our neighborhood’s diversity.

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