Borderstan Safety Tips

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If you see suspicious activity or a crime call 911.It is imperative that everyone take the time to report these problems to MPD.In order to justify increased resources they must have appropriate data to support the assignment of officers.This data comes from, among other places, 911 calls.

Tampering with an auto, such as trying a door handle or putting hands on the windows, is a crime in this city.If you see someone “casing” the cars in the neighborhood, call 911.

When reporting criminal activity to 911 be as specific as possible with descriptions of suspicious individuals.

  • Note physical details such as height, weight, hair color, hairstyle, eye color, complexion, facial characteristics (bulbous eyes, high cheekbones, facial hair, etc.),or speech patterns.
  • Note details about clothing, such as color, any logos, hat styles and most importantly shoes.Criminals can be very clever and change or shed most clothing items, but they usually don’t have time to change their shoes.

Contact your City Council members (see our resources page) to let them know that increased fiscal support for the police department is a priority for you.This is particularly important during budget discussions that occur during March.

Keep up the communication!Use the Borderstan email list and this blog to share information and ask questions of your neighbors regarding what is going on in the area.Talk to each other, talk to the police officers that you see.

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