10-Day Crime Stats for Borderstan: Down

by Borderstan.com August 15, 2008 at 3:45 pm 2,285 3 Comments

Borderstan Crime Statistics Report: 10-day period from August 5 through August 14. The second column is for the period in 2007 and the third column is for 2008. The final column shows the percentage change between 2007 and 2008. These stats are from the D.C. MPD Web site. The address used for the stats is 15th and Corcoran Streets NW (around 1620 15th Street), which is the geographic center of Borderstan.

Crimes that occurred within 1,000 feet of 1620 15TH STREET NW between August 5 and August 14, 2007 and 2008.

Number of Crimes that Occurred Between
Crime Type 8/5/2007 to 8/14/2007 08/05/2008 to 08/14/2008 % Change
Homicide 0 0 N/A
Sex Abuse 0 0 N/A
Robbery Excluding Gun 1 0
decrease 100
Robbery With Gun 2 0
decrease 100
Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW)
Excluding Gun
0 0 N/A
Assault Dangerous Weapon (ADW) Gun 0 0 N/A
Total Violent Crime 3 0
decrease 100
Burglary 1 1 No Change
Theft 3 2
decrease 33
Theft From Auto 1 0
decrease 100
Stolen Auto 1 0
decrease 100
Arson 0 0 N/A
Total Property Crime 6 3
decrease 50
Total Crime 9 3
decrease 67
How the results are calculated:

Percent change = Number of crimes that occurred within search period minus number of crimes that occurred between the same dates the previous year divided by number of crimes that occurred between the same dates the previous year.
If the number of crimes that occurred between the same dates the previous year is 0, the percent change cannot be calculated and N/A is displayed.
This report and accompanying maps only include offenses where MPD has provided map coordinates that can be displayed. Since January 1st, 2006, this limitation excludes 752 out of 89466 total crimes (approximately 0.84%of the data). The ability to view the map is removed if there are more than 750 offenses.Data Disclaimer:
All statistics presented here are based on preliminary DC Index crime data reported at least two business days before today’s date. The data do not represent official statistics submitted to the FBI under the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. All preliminary offenses are classified based on DC criminal code and not the FBI offense classifications. Because the data is preliminary, all statistics are subject to change.


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