Poll Workers Needed for Precincts around Dupont Circle

by Borderstan.com August 18, 2008 at 9:58 pm 1,163 0

From DupontForum:
Poll Workers Needed for Precincts around Dupont Circle

We are looking for a few good poll workers to work at the Precincts
around Dupont Circle for the primary and general elections, starting
with the DC Primary, September 9, 2008.

Although poll workers are paid a stipend of $120 per election, poll
work is essentially community service. The hours may be long and the
pay is low, but your service will be greatly appreciated.

You will be working from approximately 6 AM until 9 or 10 PM Election
Day and will spend an hour or two setting up the polling place, the
day before the actual election. In addition, you will need to attend
a two-hour orientation/training session before each election.

If you have questions about working in specific precincts in the
Dupont Circle area, please contact the following Precinct Captains:

Precinct no. 14 (St. Thomas Episcopal Church) Bob Cardis,
202-232-6131, [email protected],

Precinct no.15 (Foundry United Methodist Church) Jordan Davis,)
202-302-4775, [email protected]

Precinct no. 141 (Reeves Municipal Center) Kenlee Ray, 202-483-2423,
[email protected]

Applications for poll workers can be found on the Board of Elections
and Ethics web site at

If you can’t work the Primary on September 9 but would be available
for the general election on Nov. 4, please fill out the application.
We’ll need lots of workers for that election.


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