How About a Traffic Circle on 15th Street?

by August 21, 2008 at 6:47 am 1,308 0

As we wait for the D.C. Department of Transportation’s recommendation on what to do with 15th Street NW, here is an idea: a traffic circle at 15th / W/ New Hampshire / Florida. Saw this critique of the idea at Greater Greater Washington… original post at Monumentality:

Monumentality suggests a circle (technically a modern roundabout) for the intersection of 15th, New Hampshire, and Florida Avenues NW, at the bottom of Meridian Hill Park. The far-too-wide 15th meets these avenues in a giant intersection with too many lanes, long crossing distances for pedestrians, and hazardous bicycling. How about a circle?

Read the whole thing.

You can see the alternatives being considered for 15th Street NW here at DDOT’s Web site.


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