Car Talk: Are Your Hookups Showing?

by Borderstan.com August 21, 2008 at 6:59 am 1,436 1 Comment

“Thefts From Autos” are a big problem in Borderstan. The police constantly warn us: Do not leave anything of value visible in your car. This also extends to hookups for Global Positioning Systems (GPS), satellite radio and iPods. Why? If a thief sees a hookup, he may assume that the GPS, satellite radio or iPod is somewhere in your car — and break in to look for it. One officer recently told me that thieves are now targeting cars where the outline of the suction cup for a GPS hookup is visible on the windshield.

Yeah, I know: It’s a pain to have to do this, but it beats broken glass and the cost of a new system.

Here’s a visual reminder we found over at We Love DC.

  • Sgt David Terestre


    Mattyillini is right. Thieves are targeting vehicles based on the suction cup outlined found on windshields after the hardware has been removed.

    Theft from Auto is a pervasive problem in both East AND West Borderstan, especially in the warm weather months. Let’s work together to reduce it!

    We can attack the problem from the “supply side” i.e. creating fewer targets for theives by taking simple steps to protect your vehicle and your property.

    1. Park your car in a well lit area. (I know this is D.C. and it’s not always possible!)

    2. Check your vehicle for valuables and take them with you.

    3. Lock your car doors. (This one’s simple, but you would never believe the number of victims that don’t do this!)

    4. Lessen your target vulnerablity by removing cellphone chargers, GPS brackets or parking meter change from exterior view.

    5. If you have a vehicle alarm….use it!

    Follow these five steps and we CAN reduce the vulnerability exposure of all Borderstanians and their four-wheeled fossil fuel friends.

    Got any new or novel ideas? Let’s hear them.
    Attend a meeting. Get involved. It’s your community.
    Let’s make it a safe one….Together.


    Sergeant David Terestre
    PSA 307


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