City Paper Blogger on Borderstan

by August 24, 2008 at 7:30 pm 1,279 0

In case you missed it, this from Washington City Paper blogger Angela Valdez on July 2. The title of the post was “What the [email protected]#9 is Borderstan?” We forgive Ms. Valdez for her intended profanity toward our lovely land of Borderstan. She did, however, get it right when she described the reason for Borderstan becoming a semi-autonomous region of Dupont Circle and Logan Circle.

A bit of neighborhood trivia: Residents living near 15th Street between P and T streets have taken to calling their area “Borderstan.” The not-quite-Dupont not quite-U-street-Logan hood is divided between two police districts, with the eastern side falling under the Third District and the western side going to the Second District. (Not quite Laptopia, either.) The name arose when residents in Eastern and Western Borderstan convinced police in both districts to cooperate in solving crimes centered along 15th Street.

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