Public Health, Public Pools and Diapers

by August 26, 2008 at 7:02 pm 1,667 0

Good Lord. The possibility of someone plopping their baby or toddler into a pool — let alone a public pool — in a diaper just never occurred to me. Wouldn’t common sense prevent the average parent from doing such a thing? Apparently not. This is from a City Desk post at Washington City Paper about Francis Park Pool (a place I used to frequent in my younger days).

Pooping in the Francis Pool

Warning: Grossness ahead!

A few years back, the District renovated the Francis pool, at 25th and N Streets NW, to include a wade-in kiddie area. The change ushered in a major demographic shift at a pool that was once the province of mostly gay guys in thongs. Today, the pool is a regular hangout for the Bugaboo stroller set. The change has also turned the pool into a major public health hazard, as those gaggles of babies in swim diapers are a major source of effluence at the popular public pool. Read full post.

I am rather… speechless.


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