Crime Report From ANC 2F/Logan Circle Mtg

by September 5, 2008 at 11:31 pm 0

Logan Circle News has a summary of the September meeting of ANC 2F/Logan Circle this past Wednesday night. Lt. Michael Smith, PSA 307, gave a crime report. (Note: It was noted in the report of the Wednesday-night meeting on Logan Circle Update that Lt. Smith is retirng at the end of the year.)

Here is Lt. Smith’s report, courtesy of Logan Circle News:

  • Lt. Smith, fresh from a drive back in from vacation, gave the report. Lt. Houser is actually the current PSA 307 lieutenant.
  • Violent crime is down 9%.
  • Armed robbery at 12th and O. Victims hit with a brick. Suspects are both juviniles from around the area of 200 Block of Bates.
  • Armed robbery at 13th and M. Suspects caught by Power Shift unit.
  • A suspect in the murder of Derrik Green was caught. Not one of the usual suspects. Derrik Green was involved in numerous robberies around the neighborhood, possibly earlier in the day on the day of his death.
  • Commissioner Cole question Lt. Smith about a hate crime against hist boyfriend at 14th and P, where the police took 24 minutes to respond. Commisioner Cole asked about improving patrol of 14th Street, especially focused on late-night carryout establishments, serving mostly drunk people. Lt. Smith stated that response times are a difficult issue, due to lack of manpower. Lt. Smith also noted that hate crimes are difficult to judge, for many reasons.


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