15th Street: Sidewalk Potholes

by Borderstan.com September 7, 2008 at 6:48 pm 1,586 1 Comment

Warning! Sidewalk Pothole on west side of 15th between Corcoran and Q Streets. Don't step in it!

Sidewalk Potholes are on the west side of 15th between Corcoran and P Streets. This one between Corcoran and Q Streets is particuarly bad.

Be careful walking on the sidewalk on the west side of 15th Street between Corcoran and P Streets. Apparently, WASAhas been replacing lead water pipes that run from the main line up to buildings/houses. As a result, there are some very nasty, poorly done asphlat fillers in the sidewalk here — I call them “Sidewalk Potholes.” Some of them have sunk several inches (and I mean SEVERAL) after the rains from “Hanna” yesterday. There are orange cones marking them, but some of them are fairly wide and deep.

There was an article in the Washington Post on Friday, “WASA Backs Off Lead Pipe Program.” It seems WASA is going to discontinue its program of replacing the lead pipes because (1) they have found other ways of getting the lead out of the water and (2) the program is too expense.

All well and good. But, when will our sidewalks get fixed?


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