Gay Bashing Can Happen Anywhere

by September 11, 2008 at 12:41 pm 1,125 0

We have the good fortune to live in one of the most tolerant, open and diverse neighborhoods in a tolerant and diverse city. But, if you are gay, you KNOW that gay bashing still exists, still happens and is very real — even in a place like Borderstan.

So, be aware, be careful and remember: not everyone is as tolerant (or mentally balanced) as the huge majority of Borderstanians.

The following story about an incident in Adams Morgan is from the Washington City Paper: “Little Progress in Gay-Bashing Case; Beating victim discovers key evidence, arrests don’t follow.”

Early on July 13, Todd Metrokin and two of his friends figured they’d wind up a night at Town, the dance club, with a jumbo slice in Adams Morgan. At a joint around the corner from their friends’ apartment, Metrokin bought two slices and then quickly realized he’d gone overboard. He offered his second slice to a man standing nearby and, after taking it, the man said loudly into his cell phone: “Some faggot just gave me a slice of pizza.”

Read entire story at Washington City Paper.


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