Hot Night on Corcoran Street!

by September 16, 2008 at 10:23 pm 1,425 0

Firefighters at 1512 Corcoran St. on Monday night

Firefighters at 1512 Corcoran Street NW on Monday night.

Many of you may have heard a great deal of commotion during the evening yesterday (September 15)  around 11:30 to midnight. Of course, by commotion I mean sirens and loud truck engines. The ruckus was caused by a fire in one of the apartments at 1512 Corcoran Street NW. Fire crews responded in a very timely fashion and the fire was extinguished promptly.

Of course, with a dozen vehicles, including fire engines, DCFD SUVs and ambulances, there was plenty to see. Most of the residents of the block came out to watch what one resident referred to as “street theatre.” I’m sure it was less entertaining for the residents of the building, all of whom were evacuated during the fire and many of whom had to deal with water and smoke damage to their apartments.

Photograph: One Photograph A Day


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