Domestic Violence: MPD Fact Sheet

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DC MPD's 3rd District with PSAs shown.

DC MPD 3rd District (click to enlarge)

Saw this information on domestic violence on the MPD’s 3rd District listserv. It is from the MPD’s Web site. Remember that East Borderstan is in the 3rd District with headquarters at 1620 V Street NW and is part of PSA 307.


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Domestic violence crosses all barriers of age and gender and results in serious illness and even death.  Help us save lives by making yourself aware of the risks and warning signs!

What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used by someone to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation.  It happens between people who are, or have been, in an intimate relationship, are family members or have lived together.

Signs of Abuse
Does Your Partner…

  • Break furniture, belongings, and/or personal effects?
  • Throw objects at you?
  • Hit, slap, punch, push, shove, strangle or kick you?
  • Prevent you from leaving the house, working or seeing close friends and family?
  • Criticize, threaten to hurt you or call you names?
  • Blame you for their abuse of you, family, marital and financial problems?
  • Forces you to have sex with them or perform sexual acts that are undesirable to you?
  • Withhold finances, keep you from spending money or constantly question your spending?
  • Subject you to reckless driving and other dangerous activities as a means of control?
  • Use threats to you and your children as leverage to keep you quiet about the abuse?

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