Dog Blogging: In Memory of Rosebud, 1992-2007

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Rosebud in the snow, 15th Street NW.

Rosebud in the snow, 15th Street NW.

Forgive me, Borderstanians, for this post about Rosebud, who died one year ago today. I adopted her from a shelter at age 7 and she lived another 8-1/2 years. When I met Luis, she took to him and quickly became “his dog” first… before me. And that was fine. In fact, my partner posted this collage and memorial to her over at his photo blog, One Photograph A Day.

Rosie was half Border Collie and half Welsh Corgi. She was smart, independent, opinionated, tolaterated no fools, loved and liked a select few. In short, she was the queen of her little block of 15th Street. The two rose bushes in the tree box at the northwest corner of 15th and Corcoran Streets NW are in memory of her.

Rest in Peace, Rosebud: July 14, 1992, to September 22, 2007. We miss you.

  • Suzanne

    How sad and joyful. We met because of Rosie. Remember how I came up to you to pet her. What lovely bandannas she used to wear. She was lucky to have such good daddies for 8 years.

  • julie

    Oh, Rosie, you were a star in your crabby, stubborn, crotchety way. We miss you!

  • Monica

    Matty and Luis,
    Sorry you are going through so much! I’m sure that Ms R-Bud is looking down right now and nipping my jeans pants! Hope things go better from here on out…

  • Elizabeth

    You were a lady, Rosebud!…Thank you for the happiness you gave to Matt and Luis. Love and Light for you always!

  • Missy

    Ah the ROSE!

    We miss her too! Chasing the birds at the beach, herding herd in the kitchen, and ruling the neighborhood.

    Like one of her Dads…

    Randal-Jay sends his best!


  • Bill

    What a nice tribute to Rosie. She was the prettiest Rose around (except for mine of course). Actually, my Rose made me say that and now she wants a rose bush planted out front in her honor. It must be a climber, like my Rose, who loves to get high. Long live Lupe!

  • Jim

    She was the queen alright. She ruled that corner.

  • Never met her, but from what I hear she was quite the dog!


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