“Missed Opportunities on 17th Street”

by Borderstan.com October 3, 2008 at 8:12 am 1,889 0

DDOT’s proposed streetscape plan for 17th Street NW. Click to enlarge image. (DDOT image via Greater Greater Washington.)

Over at Greater Greater Washington, there is a posting, “Missed opportunities on 17th Street,” that talks about the good things in the D.C. Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) proposal to spruce up 17th Street NW — and what is lacking. (You may recall that the final public meeting for input was held recently.)

Last week, DDOT presented mostly-final plans for the 17th Street streetscape redesign in Dupont Circle, from Massachusetts to New Hampshire Avenues. This busy commercial street could use a facelift. And the project will make some valuable improvements and repair run-down elements to make a positive difference for the street. Unfortunately, though, the plan is more notable for the potential improvements it doesn’t contain than those it does.

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