Store Owners: Be on the Lookout

by October 17, 2008 at 3:50 pm 1,272 0

Dorsey Colfield

Dorsey Colfield

I received the following message and photo from MPD’s Officer Roland Hoyle of PSA 208. Business owners should be on the lookout for the following man, Dorsey Colfield. If he shows up at your place of business, you should call 911. A description from the police follows Officer Hoyle’s message.

Mr. Dorsey Colfield, was stopped today by PSA 208 Officer Hansohn in front of 1800 N St NW, he had two walkie talkies and a blue tooth ear piece in a back pack. The stuff was obviously stolen but we could not identify the property so Mr. Colfield was let go. According to PSA 208 officers he is suspected in numerous other thefts in the Connecticut Ave corridor. He has a lengthy criminal record mostly involving theft. If the suspect is seen in any businesses it would not be a bad idea to call 9-11 and have the police check him out.

  • Name: Dorsey Leon Colfield.
  • Age: 51-years-old.
  • Description: 6’2″ tall, 185 pounds, black male, brown eyes, black hair, medium complexion.


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