Rent Your Home for Inauguration Week (Sample Lease Included)

by Borderstan.com November 28, 2008 at 8:44 pm 1,167 2 Comments

The D.C. government has suspended the standard regulations, making it easy for Washingtonians to rent their homes to visitors for the January 20 inauguration.

The D.C. government has suspended the standard regulations, making it easy for Washingtonians to rent their homes to visitors for the January 20 inauguration. (Image: BarackObama.com.)

You may have already heard the news, but it’s worth repeating for those in Borderstan who are thinking about renting their home to out-of-towners in January… for the inaugural festivities of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Borderstan is pretty close to ideal for anyone–resident or visitor–who wants to take in some of the January 20 Inauguration festivities. We can walk to the White House and Pennsylvania Avenue… restaurants, clubs and stores are right outside our front doors.

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty has pretty much suspended the usual rules regarding permits, sales taxes and such for Washingtonians who want to rent out their homes as hotel rooms next month for the 2009 Inauguration.

The D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has even drafted a sample lease to use when renting to guests. You can download the sample lease online (PDF).

  • Billal Sikandar

    Single Family home basement, huge basement with bed,TV,and Bathroom. The house is in Bowie,MD which is about 15-20 mins away from DC and about 35 min drive to the Mall.It is about 10 min away from the metro. It is about 5 min away from huge mall, movie theater,numerous restaurants,grocery stores,etc.The basement is very clean and has carpet floors, has amazing amount of space and does have furniture.Also, the kitchen is for your use as well.

    Asking price $700/night. Email [email protected] SUBJECT:INAUGURATION
    RENTAL for full house as well please contact me by email.Contract&deposit;required.

  • 811 8th Street NE is a Bed and Breakfast with (7) recently furnished, keyed entry rooms available for Inauguration Weekend January 16-22. Come early or stay late. Arrangement can be made. Each room is 150 sq ft and carpeted. You will have access to two bathrooms two storage rooms. Each room comes with a television. Some rooms have HDTV’s. You have access to a state of the art kitchen ( a continental breakfast will be served every morning from 8-11am). You will be able to wash and dry your clothes in the laundry room. You will be able to park in the (4) available parking spaces in the rear of the property. We know and understand that visitors to the city will be marks for petty criminals so we have gone the extra mile to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. The onsite security guard will man the front room 24hrs a day and make hourly patrols. The front door will be remain locked at all times but you can be buzzed in. However, you will have a key to your individual room(everytime a tenent moves out the locks will be changed). There will be a sign in sheet for all visitors.The property manager will be very accessible if you have any problems. There are two banks on the corner of 8th and H therefore a police car is parked in the lot in front of 811 8th street NE at all times before 5 pm. After 5pm the police make frequent patrols. This is a quiet, working class block with little to no crime. 50% deposit required to reserve room. Balance must be paid upon arrival. Visit us on the web at inaugurationhub.webs.com. Or call us at 1800-645-8849. Ask for Michael Kayode.


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