WJLA-7 TV: “Armed Robberies on the Rise Near Dupont Circle”

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WJLA-7 did a news segment Monday night on armed robberies in Dupont Circle and on Borderstan’s 15th Street. Click image for story and video segment.

WJLA-Channel 7 did a segment on last night’s 11 p.m. news about the gun crimes/robberies on Borderstan’s 15th Street and around Dupont Circle: “Armed Robberies on the Rise Near Dupont Circle.” They sent a camerman and reporter to 15th and R NW and filmed “man on the street” interviews with passersby. The video is available online.

Toward the end of the video segment you will see Jack Jacobson, ANC commissioner for district 4 of ANC 2B/Dupont Circle. Jacobson has worked extensively with Borderstan Neighbors on public safety and crime issues over the past several months. He represents a large chunk of West Borderstan.

Seeing your neighborhood and main street on the 11 p.m. news as the subject of increased gun crimes isn’t a day brightener–but hopefully the coverage will cause some residents to take extra care and send a message to City Hall.

Here is part of the story transcript:

WASHINGTON – Neighborhood leaders near Dupont Circle are on guard after a series of armed robberies. Those who live in the area said it used to be a quiet little neighborhood in the shadow of Dupont Circle. That’s not the case anymore. Mustafa Najiri was walking home when he saw someone pull out a gun and start shooting. No one was hurt, but hearing stories like that are not unusual. More and more guns are appearing on their streets. Neighborhood resident Scott Lusk said, “there have been seven or eight sawed off shotgun guys out there and [my friend] had his iPod stolen.” In the past five days there have been three armed robberies — two on 15th and R Streets and one on S Street. The robbers walk up behind their victims, pull out a gun, and demand money.

Read entire story and watch video.

UPDATE: DCist has this story too.  Thank you, DCist!


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