“Off Seventh” on How D.C. Handles Crime

by Borderstan.com December 4, 2008 at 11:12 pm 1,579 0

One of the most outspoken neighborhood bloggers is the guy (I don’t know his name) who does “Off Seventh: My Chronicles of Shaw.” His postings are nothing if not blunt, honest and to-the-point; he often eviscerates D.C. elected officials. You may disagree with him, but you never have to guess where he stands on an issue concerning Shaw or D.C.

Off Seventh sometimes blogs about crime and crime-related in issues in D.C. He has been at it again lately, with three postings related to crime and how the D.C. government handles crime in our city and neighborhoods:

  • I am thankful for… (Nov. 28) “For those of you on the MPD 3d listserve you have already received the news that Michael Richardson spent Thanksgiving behind bars…again solid work by the MPD (and the community keeping them honest)…”
  • Chicken$hit (Nov. 24). “So according to Mike DeBonis and the City Paper blog…the teen suspect who has been arrested as a suspect in TWENTY-ONE assaults/robberies will be out just in time to commit number 22.  My question to Mayor Fenty and his lackey, Peter Nickles…how many more assaults and robberies have to happen before you sack up…”
  • An open letter to Adrian Fenty and his lackey. “Mr. Nickles, I know that you have been too busy working both sides of the aisle as “General Counsel” for our beloved Mayor and Attorney General but maybe this is a very loud message for you to stop and concentrate on one thing…”


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