Jan. 4: Last Day for WMATA Paper Transfers

by Borderstan.com December 21, 2008 at 11:36 pm 1,443 0

Saw this at Dupont Forum listserv:

After January 4, 2009, Metro will no longer issue or accept paper transfers in an effort to save the agency money and avoid abuse of paper transfers. Free transfers will still be available using a SmarTrip® card. The SmarTrip® card makes paying your bus fare faster and easier than paying with cash. Plus, every bus ride is 10¢ cheaper when you pay with a SmarTrip® card instead of cash. Additionally, bus transfer time will be extended from the current two to three hours.SmarTrip® cards can be purchased online or at Metro sales offices, vending machines at Metrorail stations with parking facilities, regional transit stores, and select Giant stores and other retail locations. Customers are able to add value onto their SmarTrip® cards on all Metrobuses and the fleets of most other bus systems in the region.

We will continue to sell the $11 Weekly Metrobus pass, 7-day short-trip pass, and weekly Fast Pass.

For more information, please visit Metro’s website.


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