Five Holdups in Rock Creek Park Neighborhoods

by December 24, 2008 at 11:13 am 1,214 0

Dcist summarizes the five holdups for you:

Five Holdups Along Rock Creek Park in 90 Minutes: Residents of D.C.’s toniest neighborhoods were rattled by a quick succession of holdups along Rock Creek Park. Five evening holdups in Georgetown, Tenleytown, Glover Park, and Cleveland Park saw residents robbed of their personal possessions, including wallets and a Burberry scarf.

Three robbers robbed pedestrians on the 3300 block of O Street NW and around the 4000 blocks of Calvert and Albemarle Streets NW off Wisconsin Ave, according to the Washington Post. Less than an hour later, two robbers mugged walkers near the 2500 block of Porter Street and the 2800 stretch of Quebec Street. In one incident, the robbers reportedly used a gun. Last-minute Christmas shopping at its worst.


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