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From MPD:

  • Robbery While Armed (Gun): 1824 19th Street NW (Sunday, 12/14/2008), 1:50 a.m. Complainant reports that he was walking at the event location when he was approached by two B/M’s. Suspect (1) stated to him, “You know what we want”, while suspect (2) brandished a black handgun. Taken was $320.00 US Currency. Suspects (1) and (2) fled westbound in the ally of the 1800 block of 19th St, NW. Suspect (1) is described as a B/M, 16-18 years of age, 5’10”, 160 lbs, dark complexion, wearing a white hoody and dark jeans. Suspect (2) is described as a B/M, 16-18 years of age, 5’11”, 160 lbs, dark complexion, wearing dark sweats, and dark jeans, armed with a black semiautomatic handgun. Officer Rodrigues, K., Badge #3761 reporting. 0150 hours, CCN: 176-296, 2D PSA 208. (more…)

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From the MPD:

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier announced today that hundreds of items of stolen property will be posted online for owners to view and retrieve. In January 2008, members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Burglary & Pawn Unit worked jointly with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and discovered a large-scale fencing operation at Rosemar Liquors in the 1300 block of Good Hope Road SE. The stolen merchandise is valued at more than $200,000. In an effort to return the property to its rightful owners, the members of the MPD Burglary & Pawn Unit have coordinated with the DC Armory for owners to physically view the stolen property. The property will be displayed at the DC Armory from January 5, 2009 to January 7, 2009. The Armory is located at 2001 East Capital Street SE, Washington, DC 20003. The hours for the public viewing will be from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on January 5th and 6th, and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on January 7th.


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According to Police Service Area (PSA) 208, there have been a number of home burglaries in the area recently in which the intruders gained access through the roof tops. This happened on our block last summer. The guy went through the adjacent property and jumped onto the deck of the top floor unit next door… then entered the top floor apartment. The young woman in the top-floor apartment was home, but not hurt, fortunately. It’s pretty easy for a burglar to go up a fire escape to your roof top or to somehow gain access to your building from a neighboring building. (more…)

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Reminder from: MPD-2d Yahoo! Group listserv…

  • What: Police Service Area (PSA) 208 Community Meeting . West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is part of PSA 208, but East Borderstanians are welcome to attend.
  • When: Tuesday December 16, at 7 p.m. PSA 208 meets on the third Tuesday of the month.
  • Where: MPD  Third District Station at 1620 V Street NW. PSA 208 meets at the Third District Station even though it is part of the Second District.
  • More Information: (202) 715-7344.

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UPDATE: I was looking at the site stats and noticed that this post from December 14, 2008, had gotten a lot of hits today. I guess the ginkgo trees are smelling like dog poo lately… and the berries are certainly falling on the Corcoran Street sidewalks. So… here you go: here is why gingko tree berries smell like dog poo.

I have never been able to figure out two things:

  1. Why would anyone would plant Ginkgo trees in a city, especially in neighborhoods with a high volume of pedestrian sidewalk traffic? (Yes, I am thinking of the 1500-block of Corcoran Street NW.)
  2. What makes Ginkgo tree fruit smell like dog poop?

The second question has been answered. I would love to hear from readers as to the “why” in question 1.

From The Washington Post:

The bouquet of a ginkgo tree’s fruit has strong notes of unwashed feet and Diaper Genie, with noticeable hints of spoiled butter.

For the District government this winter, it is the smell of defeat.

This year, arborists working for the city tried a new solution for the stinky fruit, which has plagued residents for decades. They injected more than 1,000 ginkgo biloba trees with a chemical to stop them from producing the fruit.


The chemical didn’t work, for reasons that scientists still don’t understand. Now, instead of less ginkgo stink, Washington has its worst case in years — a bumper crop of nastiness that is studding sidewalks and sliming dress shoes from Capitol Hill to Kalorama.

Read entire Post story.

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Luis Gomez.)

Subairi Salon is now Salon Rouge on 17th Street NW, just south of R Street. (Photo: Luis Gomez.)

Salim, owner of Subairi Salon at 1635 R Street, has been cutting my hair for almost 15 years. He has moved his shop around the corner to 17th Street (just south of R on the west side) and renamed it Salon Rouge. He showed me the space before it opened; it’s lighter, roomier and has more space for spa services.

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Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

Local stores are full of great holiday gifts. You can also buy your tree and greenery locally; above is the main store of Garden District at 14th & S NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

The 14th & U blog has a GREAT list of local retailers where you can pick up holiday gifts. You can also find a long list of local retailers in the Logan Circle area (including 14th, 9th, U, P, Church and Q Streets) throught the MidCity Business Association.

Whenever possible, support local shops in our neighborhood. Our small businesses are one of the reasons we live in an urban neighborhood and they combine convenience and service. Support them if you possibly can!

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Take in ZooLights at the National Zoo, just a Red Line Metro ride away from Borderstan. (Image: Luis Gomez, One Photograph A Day.)

We went to the annual ZooLights exhibit/festival at the National Zoo last Saturday night. It was a cold night, but there was a light snow and the experience ended up being quite wonderful. A number of the animal houses are open, so you can duck inside and look at the animals and get warm. My partner has photos and his impressions of our visit last Saturday here at One Photograph A Day.

You can still take in ZooLights on these nights: December 12-14; 6 to 8:30 p.m. each night; and December 18-30 (except 24th & 25th): 6 to 8:30 p.m. each night. Tickets are $12; $6 for members of Friends of the National Zoo, and can be purchased online through Ticketmaster.

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MPD Web site.)

MPD’s Third Police District; PSA 307 is in the lower left-hand corner. (Image: MPD Web site.)

East Borderstan  now has an assigned foot patrol officer for the evening shift, according to George Kucik, MPD Third District Commander. His name is Officer Fred Fritts and he will focus on 14th and 15th Streets NW, paying paticular attention to the 1400-block of R Street NW. East Borderstan is east of 15th and part of Police Service Area (PSA) 307. Kucik says that Fritts will work closely with the patrols that are already on the beat in West Borderstan/PSA 208.


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MPD's Second Police District; PSA 208 is in the lower right-hand corner. (Image from MPD Web site.)

MPD’s Second Police District; PSA 208 is in the lower right-hand corner. (Image from MPD Web site.)

The following crime report for Police Service Area (PSA) 208 is for December 5 to 7. PSA 208 covers the Dupont Circle and Kalorama neighborhoods.

  • Robbery occurred in the 1800 b/o K St. NW on 12/6/2008 335pm. Citizen reports the suspect, a white male, 19yoa, 5’9, 150 lbs. snatched her purse. A witness chased the suspect and held him until MPD officers arrived. CASE CLOSED with the arrest of the suspect.
  • Burglary occurred in the 1600 b/o Riggs Pl. NW on 12/5/2008 between 530-545pm. Citizen reports the residence was entered by prying open the roof hatch and a camera bag containing two cameras and assorted lens was stolen.
  • Burglary occurred in the 900 b/o17th St. NW between 12/4/2008 650pm-12/5/2008 10am. Citizen reports the office was entered by prying the side door and 2- laptop computers were stolen. (more…)

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A shooting on the grounds of the Marie H. Reed Center in Adams Morgan (2200 Champlain Street NW) at 8 p.m. Wednesday night killed one man and wounded another. WaPo has the story:

A 20-year-old man was killed and another man was wounded last night in a shooting that happened a few dozen feet from D.C. police officers on patrol in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Northwest Washington, authorities said. Witnesses told police that two gunmen walked up to a crowd of people near the Marie H. Reed Community Learning Center at Champlain Street and Kalorama Road and opened fire just after 8 p.m., Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes said.

Read entire WaPo story. 

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On Friday Chairman Phil Mendelson’s Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary held a roundtable discussion on the Omnibus Crime Bill.  The roundtable on the legislation, Bill 17-951, was to focus on the bill’s gun, anti-gang, and witness protection provisions. (more…)

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