MPD Chief Lanier: Gun Crimes, Violent Crime Down in 2008

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The Metropolitan Police Department has seven districts citywide. Borderstan is divided between the 2nd District (PSA 208) and the 3rd District (PSA 307).

Borderstanians: This message from MPD Chief of Police Cathy Lanier was posted on Yahoo! Groups on Sunday night, January 4. Chief Lanier provides some interesting, helpful statistics on D.C. crime–and she has some good news.

Happy New Years, everyone. Below some facts on where we ended our year with the help of our committed community members. We ended the year with huge victories on crime:

  • Violent crime down 5% citywide.
  • Biggest crime reduction citywide: MPD’s Fifth District.
  • All gun crimes were down by double digits:
    • Robberies with guns down 12%.
    • Assaults with guns down 14%.

Despite the number of homicides carried under the UCR standard, our year end total for 2008 includes 10 homicides that actually occurred in prior years (see below) leaving us in reality with 1 less homicide than last year. As of  9 p.m. tonight, we have a 75.2% homicide closure rate (but we are still out looking for a couple on open warrants and may increase before midnight). The last year we were even close to this closure rate was 1981 with 74%. This is a direct result of community policing that has closed the gap between police and our community. Thank you all for your support.

Other interesting facts:

  • 2004: 198 homicides, 5 of those from prior years (193).
  • 2005: 196 Homicides, 2 of those from prior years (194).
  • 2006: 169 Homicides and only 1 from a prior year (168).
  • 2007: 181 Homicides, 4 were from prior years (177).
  • 2008: 186 Homicides and 10 are from prior years (176).
    • 1 prior year case was the result of an injury from 1974 (gunshot wound).
    • 1 prior year case was the result of an injury from 1993 (gunshot wound).
    • 8 Prior year cases were the result of injuries from 2007, including the 4 in the Jacks Case.

 Below is an analysis of the offenders arrested in 2008 for homicides:

  • 93% known offenders had a prior arrest
  •  Of those arrested for homicide who had a prior history, we know that:
  • 51% (44 offenders) had a prior gun arrest
  • 62% had a prior drug arrest
  • 60% were arrested within a year prior to the homicide
  • At least 42% were arrested at least once as a juvenile (some juvenile records are unknown)
  • 45% had a prior non-DC arrest
  • 13% were under supervision of CSOSA at the time of the homicide
  • At least 40% were either under supervision of CSOSA or a client of Pre-Trial Services at one time.

– MPD Chief Cathy Lanier



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