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  • Wayne

    Currently do not own a pet but classify myself as pet lover.. Reading people’s comments regarding S St. Dog Park cause me tocringe on people’s closemindedness—dog leash laws are meant to protect the pet as well as others who encounter an animal in public. A Dog Park is specifically created to allow off-leash exercise and entertainment for the pet and owner(s). The comment about dog’s knocking over pregnant women is laughable—what’s she doing in a fenced area for dogs? Who has the superior intelligence?

  • Luis

    I have a wonderful little dog. She is a black and white Border Collie mix. I saw that in the poll there is someone that owns a monkey…way cool! What kind? I like to meet the monkey.

  • Ward 1 Guy

    4 fish, 3 shrimp, a few dozen snails and crabs, a whole lotta corals. They’re all my pets.


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