Don’t Fall For These Home Invasion Tactics

by January 16, 2009 at 6:50 am 2,023 0

Borderstanians: I picked up this piece Wednesday from the MPD 3rd District listerv on Yahoo! Groups. It was written by MPD Inspector Edward Delgado and is a warning to Columbia Heights residents about tactics used by criminals to trick you into getting into your home. I have NOT heard of these types of crimes happening in our area–but Inspector Delgado provides us with a good reminder.

Citizens of Columbia Heights: I find it to be my responsibility to alert you of a new trend ( Home Invasion ) within the Washington region that could pose a threat to the Columbia Heights Neighborhood. The common method of operation is that someone unexpectedly either knocks or bangs on your door. Upon opening the door to ascertain what the emergency is, they rush in and announce a robbery. I ask that if your front door is not equipped with a peep hole or similar device that you have one installed. If you feel uncomfortable with a person at your door please call 911 and advise them you have someone at your door and that they are trying to get in. 

Also, with the cold weather upon us and there are many fraudulent methods that people use to get into your residence. Most of these criminals will engage you in a conversation about you utilities and ask to come into your home for a no fee inspection. Once inside they steal items from your residence without your knowledge. I urge everyone do not let anyone inside of your residence; just advise them that you are not interested. If you are please schedule an appointment with the main office and have them come out at your request. If they persist please call the police 911.  – Edward Delgado, Inspector, Third District Sub Station, 750 Park Road, N.W.


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