Remember Your Poop Bags (Please!)

by Borderstan.com February 8, 2009 at 6:35 pm 1,182 2 Comments

A Borderstan dog.

A Borderstan dog.

This is from We Love DC: “Thirteen (13!) Pounds of Dog Poo In Petworth.” (With video.)

Please clean up after your dog, especially on the sidewalk or in a grassy area where people walk.All dog owners, myself included, sometimes forget to take bags. It happens. But, please be a good neighbor and clean up after your dog.

Overall, how do you think dog owners do in Borderstan? Are Borderstanians good about cleaning up after their dogs?

I remember about 25 years ago when I lived in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. Dog owners were not as diligent then about cleaning up dog poo. We had a number of really cold winters in the 1980s with lots of snow. One winter, the snow kept coming, without any of it melting between snowstorms.

Dogs would poo on the snow. It would snow more. Dogs would poo on the next layer of snow. This continued for about a month to six weeks. It was very ugly when the temperatures rose and the snow melted: layer upon layer of dog poop.

  • jen

    Please. Don’t only remember your Poop Bags. Please also remember to take the poop with you and dispose of it either in YOUR OWN trash or a City receptacle. Those are the City regulations. It is very annoying to find that a City worker did not pick up the trash or recycling because there are multiple bags of dog poop in it. It is beyond unpleasant to have to clean out a trash or recycle bin because some thoughtless dog owner deposited dog poop inside of it. The problem is not the dogs.

  • Kerry

    Double ditto, Jen!
    If you have the dog, you have the responsibility for the poo – take it home!


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