The Case of Lafonte Lurie Carlton

by February 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm 2,610 1 Comment

If you have not been following the case of Lafonte Lurie Carlton, you should be. Washington Post columnist Colbert King has a column and there are several WaPo stories on Carlton, including this one, “Case Puts Focus on Release of Juveniles.”

The following blurb is from the Loose Lips column at The Washington City Paper, with a link to the Washington Post editorial on the case:

WaPo editorial board wants answers in the case of Lafonte Lurie Carlton, the teen who killed two in recent months after being released from DYRS custody for an earlier murder. And confidentiality rules means no one’s getting any. “That point was made powerfully clear by Superior Court Chief Judge Lee F. Satterfield, who…chided council members for asking questions that they–by virtue of laws of their own creation–made it illegal for him to answer.” BUT THEY STILL LOVE VINNY–“Cases such as this could undermine the useful reforms [DYRS chief Vincent Schiraldi] is attempting in the treatment of young offenders. For that reason, and even more for the public’s safety, discussion is needed on how decisions are made regarding the placement and release of juvenile offenders. The first step has to be lifting the secrecy that makes facts so hard to come by.”

You can draw your own conclusions.


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