Survey Says: 15th Street Traffic

by Borderstan.com February 20, 2009 at 8:05 pm 1,827 0

Borderstanians: I learned today that the city has decided on a traffic reconfiguration plan for 15th Street NW. It will have two-way bicycle lanes, but keep three northbound lanes of traffic (see “Reconfiguration of 15th St. NW: What We’re Getting.”)

On Jan. 31, I posted a poll here at Borderstan.com, asking readers, “Should 15th St. NW be a 2-way traffic street?” Below are the results (as of Feb. 19) of this extremely unscientific and unreliable public opinion poll. Remember that anyone can/did offer their opinion, regardless of where they live.

“Should 15th St. NW be a 2-way traffic street?”

  • 52% (49 votes): “No, keep it 1-way north of Mass. Ave.”
  • 39% (37 votes): “Yes, 2-way vehicle traffic north of Mass. Ave.”
  • 5% (5 votes): “Don’t care if it’s 1-way or 2-way traffic.”
  • 4% (4 votes): “Not sure.”


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