ANC 2B Committee Report on 17th St. Liquor Licenses

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The ANC 2B/Dupont Circle ad hoc committee on the Dupont East Liquor License Moratorium (also known as the 17th Street moratorium) has produced a draft report. The committee will present its recommendations to the full ANC on Wednesday, March 11, at the commission’s monthly meeting.

ANC 2B-04 Commission Jack Jacobonson chaired the special committee and he has details on the committee’s recommendations on his blog. The full post from Jacobson’s blog is also below.

Last night [March 3, 2009] I chaired a meeting where the Committee on the 17th Street liquor moratorium released our draft of a report including recommendations for a motion for the ANC to consider at its March 11 meeting.

The meeting was less widely attended, but there were still around 35 residents and business owners in attendance. Again, there were a wide range of views represented, from those who thought that the entire moratorium should be lifted to those who advocated for 5 years, arguing that moratorium legislation allows for amendments to be made after 2 years, so there was no need to provide a vision for the street.

After listening to all views represented, I believe that the committee has fashioned a compromise that is more than fair to all parties involved. Furthermore, it truly does present a vision for the future of the street, which is something that has been lacking in prior years.

The draft that the ANC released would provide for a 5-year moratorium with a review after three years; it would allow for up to 2 approvals for lateral expansion, with healthy safeguards for retail and service businesses; it would help clean up the alleys next to Stead Park by encouraging summer gardens which would overlook the Park; it would allow for entertainment endorsements with reasonable limitations; and it would ultimately allow for the ANC to do its job in reviewing and approving or disapproving any modifications to the moratorium.

This compromise was reached after much discussion, deliberation and consultation with businesses, residents, stakeholder organizations and community leaders. The Committee will meet once more this weekend to finalize the document.

This has been a difficult process, but one I believe is important for the future of the neighborhood – particularly with the streetscape project looming and the economy deteriorating. I thank everyone for thier participation and support throughout this process. You have made my job much easier by being helpful and constructive advocates for your competing positions.

Best, Jack

  • Sol Levine

    One of issues that currently defines our neighborhood is the ban on single can sales of beer, a law that I support. What undermines this for the entire community is the practice of ANC 2B of granting exceptions-almost automatically-to liquor stores in our community.

    The single can of beer ban for Ward 2 is law, passed by the council and signed by the Mayor.

    Yet single can sales still proliferate in our neighborhood because the ANC has granted exceptions for many of the liquor stores in our community.

    Many of their single can customers are aggressive panhandlers and small time drug users on or near 17th St.

    Drinking in public and small time drug use are base line crimes. Ask any MPD patrol man or woman where the user gets his/her money to buy drugs or booze. The answer you’ll get is panhandling or theft, and sometimes robbery with force and violence.

    No logical rational has been presented by the ANC to grant any exemptions to the single can ban.

    Either there is a ban or there isn’t.

    No exceptions should be made.

    Sol Levine


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