Lawson Resigns DCCA Presidency; Statement to

by March 6, 2009 at 10:28 am 1,661 0 learned that Joel Lawson resigned over the weekend as president of the Dupont Circle Citizens Association (DCCA). John Hockensmith is currently serving as Acting President. What was noteworthy is that Lawson resigned at a time when DCCA is involved in the discussions with Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B and businesses over the 17th Street NW Liquor License Moratorium. asked Lawson to provide a statement regarding his resignation; it follows. An email query to Hockensmith regarding Lawson’s resignation has not been answered as of this time.

Note: If you are wondering, What’s this 17th Street-liquor-license-moratorium-brouhaha all about?… check out the links at the bottom of this posting (following Lawson’s statement) for more information.

Statement by Joel Lawson:

“The Dupont Circle Citizens Association does a lot of good work, and is capable of doing even more. I need to look elsewhere, however, for the most potent use of my volunteer time. I wish DCCA well in adapting to change and moving forward.

“Regarding the 17th Street Liquor License Moratorium: I am hopeful that DCCA will complete the moratorium discussions with the flexibility and collaborative approach with the greater community, that I helped to initiate. I also hope that DCCA will make some tough organizational decisions in order to reduce the toxicity, and time sinks, that some issues generate.

“For DCCA and the entire community, the real test of the current moratorium discussion is whether all stakeholders will work together over the next three-to-five years, to improve 17th Street.”

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