Gallery plan b Reception for Corcoran Students

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paulaplanbGallery plan b in Borderstan at 1530 14th Street NW is hosting an April 1 reception and poetry reading to recognize student work from the Printmaking Department of Corcoran College of Art & Design. Students’ work in oil and water are on display at gallery plan b through April 5.

From gallery plan b:

This year marks the 24th annual print portfolio produced by the Printmaking Department at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. This year, it will be exhibited at Gallery plan b. This project began as a way to showcase work in print media of both students, faculty and occasional guest artists of the Corcoran College of Art + Design.

Since it has always been an exchange portfolio, participants have been drawn to it as a way to collect work of their peers and faculty, as well as have an opportunity to have it exhibited in a local art gallery.

After 24 years, interest in this project continues to remain strong. Each year the collaborative project kicks off in September. This year thirty-three enthusiastic students and faculty met to discuss the project parameters and choose a theme, as well as the design of the portfolio case and title sheet.

This year’s theme, OIL & WATER was selected by the group and speaks to not only the obvious environmental issues but includes a diverse selection of individual interpretations on the theme as well. Past themes have often reflected current events such as the portfolio “CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE” which followed the Mapplethorpe controversy at the Corcoran in 1989.

The 1999, end-of-the century portfolio was named, “DAMNATION”, and after the tragedies of Sept. 11, the portfolio’s theme was, “FEAR, FATE & FAITH”. The Corcoran Print Portfolio has been collected by the Library of Congress, the Corcoran Museum of Art, and has been purchased for both private and public collections as well. The show reflects the many printmaking media taught at the Corcoran including lithographs, etchings, screenprints, letterpress, papermaking, relief and digital prints.

Students work with individual faculty members to insure this project maintains the high level of quality it has been known for over the years. In addition, there will be a poetry reading by Corcoran Faculty and Students Wednesday, April 1, 2009, from 6-8pm (reading at 7pm).

Gallery plan b is located at 1530 Fourteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC, and is open to the public, free of charge. Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday from 12pm – 7pm, Sunday from 1pm – 5pm, or by appointment. For more information, contact David Kalamar, gallery director at (202) 234-2711 or visit our Web site at


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