Theft Prevention: Warm-Weather Safety Tips

by March 28, 2009 at 4:44 pm 1,346 0

Borderstanians: Warmer weather–and summer–brings a surge in street crime. The following safety tips on how to protect yourself from certain types of thefts are from the Watch Commander at MPD 3rd District; they were posted on the 3D Yahoo! Groups listserv:

In reviewing the past 24-hour report, theft reports are starting to increase. Most of these are bicycle, property and known thefts. The one’s that stand out are the issues that warmer weather brings. One is a purse taken at a restaurant, one is person in a home who took items and the third is a bicycle. This is occurring during the daywork hours and when summer arrives this will start occurring in the evening. Daywork and business beat officers will be addressing these issues.

Here are some reminders that may help:

  1. With warmer weather people will be eating outside on patio restaurants, please be mindful not leave items hanging on the edge of the chairunattended. Most thieves will bump the chair or draw misdirection so they can take the item. This would also pertain to indoor establishments as well.
  2. Bicycles not secured will be taken. Bicycles inside vehicles are also prone to theft. Please try to leave these items at home including bags,backpacks, and the like that make attractive targets.
  3. Having people in your home that you do not know should be in an area where they would not have access to items that might be taken. Best bet is to remain with that person for the duration of their visit.


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