May 13: ANC 2B Meets; Vacancy in District 2

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ANC 2B/Dupont Circle is one of the largest in the city, with nine single-member districts. (Map: ANC 2B Web site.)

ANC 2B/Dupont Circle is one of the largest in the city, with nine single-member districts. (Map: ANC 2B Web site.)

The May meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B / Dupont Circle is this coming Wednesday, May 13, at 7 p.m. at the D.C. Jewish Community Center. Remember that West Borderstan (west of 15th Street) is part of ANC 2B while East Borderstan is part of ANC 2F/Logan Circle.

Note that the commissioner for District 2 resigned and the seat will be filled in the near future; this district is mostly northwest of Dupont Circle and also southeast of the circle. The Borderstan commissioners on ANC 2B are Victor Wexler-District 5 and Jack Jacobson-District 4.

Agenda follows (plus a link to the PDF here).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
DC Jewish Community Center, 16th at Q Streets NW


  1. Call to Order and Introduction of Commissioners
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Public Announcements
    1. Introduction of and discussion with DDOT Director Gabe Klein
  4. Public Safety
  5. Committee Reports
  6. Commissioner Reports
    1. Report on Meeting Space
    2. Report on ABRA developments
  7. General
    1. Setting the date for special election to fill vacancy for SMD 2B02. Introduction of candidates and brief remarks.
    2. Presentation by Catholic Charities DC
    3. Presentation by Zach Martin regarding DC Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Agency (DC-HSEMA) upcoming community preparedness sessions.
    4. Presentation by Rasheed Green and Monisha Alkhoury of Mentors, Inc.
    5. Consideration of a resolution to join the Pride Parade
    6. Consideration of Resolution in Support of Permanent Council Legislation to Protect Small Businesses During Public Works Construction Projects
    7. Consideration of a resolution welcoming the new Director of Parks and Recreation and encouraging Mayor Fenty to appoint additional GLBT community members to the administration.
  8. Regulatory
    1. Application for DR (beer and wine) license for Johnathan Gourmet Deli, 1120 19th Street NW. (2B06)
    2. Consideration of request by Bistro, Inc, 1729 Connecticut Ave. NW seeking a stipulated license w/ entertainment endorsement. (2B01).
    3. Application for renewal of a Class Retailer A license for the following establishments:
      1. Universal Daruwala, Llc t/a Universal Liquors, 2018 Florida Ave NW (2B01)
      2. Connecticut Av Wine & Liquors Inc, 1529 Connecticut Ave NW (2B02)
      3. Grape Finds at Dupont Inc t/a Best Cellars, 1643 Connecticut Ave NW (2B02)
      4. Kanu Inc t/a 1 West Dupont Circle Wine and Liquors, 2012 P Street NW (2B02)
      5. VT&B, Inc t/a State Liquors, 2159 P Street NW (2B02)
      6. Rose Bud Liquors, 1711 17th St., NW (2B04)
      7. Parki Inc t/a Imperial Liquors, 1050 17th Street NW (2B05)
      8. UMA Inc t/a Downtown Spirits and Deli, 1522 K Street NW (2B05)
      9. Lillian Morrison Inc t/a Bell Wine & Liquor, 1821 M Street NW (2B06)
      10. Prerna, Inc t/a Barmy Wine and Liquors, 1912 L Street NW (2B06)
      11. S&R Liquors Inc, 1800 I Street NW (2B06)
      12. Venus Indo Services, Inc t/a Pan Mar Liquors, 1926 I Street NW (2B06)
      13. Dupont Fine Wine & Spirits Inc, 1325 Connecticut Ave NW (2B07)
      14. MMGZ Inc t/a Ben Moll Liquors, 1700 U Street NW (2B08)
      15. Ganducci Inc t/a Martin’s Wine & Spirits, 1919 Florida Ave NW (1C01)
      16. FKT Enterprises Inc t/a Florida Liquors, 2222 14th St NW (1B04).
    4. Consideration of Public Space Applications for the following addresses:
      1. 1 Dupont Circle (2B02)
      2. 1999 K Street  (2B06)
      3. 900 19th Street (2B06)
  9. Administrative/Financial Matters
    1. ANC 2B Policy & Procedures Manual – Version 1.1 and By-law amendment
    2. Discussion of and possible resolution establishing a working group on the future of 17th Street


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