Wednesday Evening: Another Robbery on 14th Street

by Borderstan.com May 13, 2009 at 9:58 pm 1,018 4 Comments

Yep, summer seems to have arrived early… this is on the block of 14th between P and Q.

Police Alert-Robbery Force & Violence: Robbery Force & Violence @ 1917 hours 1500 block of 14th St NW. No Lookout Infomation Given. DO NOT TAKE ACTION. CALL 911 W/EVENT #I20090248598.

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  • TW

    Am I reading this right? A violent robbery on 14th, between P and Q, at 7:15 on a Sunday evening? That’s broad daylight at this time of year, and on a relatively busy thoroughfare.

    I’m a little bit new to these crime reports – what exactly does “force & violence” mean? I assume if there were a weapon involved, that would have been noted?

    Regardless – man, that’s brazen. And troubling.

  • TW

    Sorry – *Wednesday* evening, I meant. Which is actually even worse. Sunday evenings are sometimes kind of dead, but 7:15 on a Wednesday? Hell, I’m walking home from work around then. Wouldn’t there have been loads of people around?

  • Nick

    Was it this robbery of Universal Gear?:

  • TW

    Jesus – I guess so. Not the broad daylight mugging on the sidewalk that I was picturing, but still pretty bad.


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