SATURDAY at 14th & U Farmers’ Market

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Here is the lineup for the 14th and U Farmers’ Market tomorrow… hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Lots of new things at market for your Saturday Night Dinners… INCLUDING OUR NEW FARMERS’ MARKET ATM Yep, we now take debit cards at the market! Just come see Maude at the market table and see how it works. You swipe your debit card and get a farmers market wooden nickel. Really. Except it is worth 5 dollars, it is good for the whole season…. and you can spend it just like a five-dollar bill. And get change. With all the producers. Next time you are looking for an ATM machine, stop at the market table and get our 14 & U Farmers’ Market ATM tokens.

The Farmers’ Market ATM is part of our new farmers’ market EBT program that the farmers’ markets in DC have started. You may have read about it the Post on Wednesday. It will allow us to start an EBT food stamp program to supplement our existing WIC and Senior Get Fresh checks at the market to make the market welcoming and accessible to everyone.

New this week:

  • Shelled English Peas — come early!
  • Squash Blossoms at Garner
  • Baby Summer squash and their larger siblings (zucchini, sunburst, , 8 ball, yellow)
  • Beets and their delicious greens
  • Broccoli
  • Spring Onions
  • New Dolcezza flavors this week: Black Mint Gelato and Cucumber Mint and Vodka Sorbetto
  • Braised beef ravioli at Stefano Frigerio’s Copper Pot Buttercrunch, red fire, brigette, and romaine lettuces.
  • Broccoli
  • Second week for new potatoes.
  • This week we will have a lot of Strawberries and sweet young vegetables at Kuhn, Garner, McLeaf, Mountain View, Truck Patch: More Asparagus! Salad greens, head lettuce of many colors and shapes, collard greens, radishes, sweet Hakurei turnips (eat ’em raw, stew them briefly in butter), Mustard bunches, Bok Choi, Asian Stir Fry Mix, strawberries, rhubarb, spinach, Stir Fry Greens Mix,Swiss Chard, ruby streaked mustard, green and red kale, red and green mustards, mizuna, red and white spring onions, chives, garlic and regular, mint, oregano, sage, baby collards, new potatoes, summer squash, squash blossoms, Broccoli, Turnips, asparagus.
  • Beautiful Flowers from Faucher Meadows: Sweet William, peonies, Asiatic and Foxtail lilies, Campanulas Cup and Saucer, Delphiniums, snapdragons. Elaine’s meadow-grown bouquets are a very long lived hostess gift or treat for yourself.
  • Pasta by Copper Pot: Stefano is still coming up with new pastas for us. Last week my husband and I had his Virginia ham and parmesan ravioli. Wow. Ham courtesy of a local Virginia ham producer. We had the gnocchi with smokey bacon and tomato tonight. I am saving the cavatelli for my granddaughter who arrives this weekend. We savor the fig and balsamic jam with Keswick quark.
  • Keswick Creamery: I have been tasting Keswick cheeses for years and I am really impressed with the depth of taste they now have. Try the cheddars to see what I mean. Rich milk from all Jersey cows that live outside all year round. Great Yogurt, ricotta and feta cheeses, too. German Style Quark.
  • Garner: It is NOT too late to plant or fill in your gardens. herbs, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and okra that grow to 8 feet and dwarf varieties that stay at 24 inches), flowers at Mountain View. Hanging baskets and annuals at Garner.
  • For Pastured Pork lovers: Truck Patch has fresh pork chops and boneless loin steaks , fresh shoulder roast, spare ribs, baby backs, Italian, country, sage, celery, bratwurst, salt and al his sausages– plus his pastured beef.
  • More Beef: Pecan Meadow has grass -fed -and- finished t-bone, porterhouse, sirloin, New York strip, fillet, flank steaks to grill. Lots of roasts as well. Have you tried their unusual Italian breed of chickens? Unlike the typical American bird, they are small breasted with long long legs and lots of chicken flavor) Stefano (our pasta maven) told me he grilled half a Pecan Meadow chicken “under the brick” on his barbecue and loved the flavor.
  • Eggs: Chicken, Duck and Goose eggs at Pecan Meadow.
  • Traditional Baked Goods: pecan pie, shoe fly pie, oatmeal pie, rhubarb pie, strawberry bread, chocolate chip cookies baked by Lois Shirk at Pecan Meadow.
  • Panorama: Loic is in France, perfecting his traditional Parisian baguettes recipe, but we will have many many more of the Olive Oil hamburger buns he bakes for Michel Richard’s hamburgers at Central. They ran out last week after that spectacular review in the Post blog, All We Can Eat, but you should be able to try them this week. Plus the breakfast breads, sticky rolls, pumpernickel, raisin pumpernickel, sliced ryes, sourdoughs, multi grains and the famous Rustiques that are baked exclusively for Citronelle, Central, CityZen and us!
  • At the Orchards: Besides the strawberries, Kuhn and McLeaf will still have apples: fuji, pink lady, and golden delicious. Kuhn’s canned peaches are great grilled with Truck Patch’s pork chops….apple sauce, apple butter, apple cider…rhubarb.


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