June 6 at Farmers’ Market, 14th & U

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Here is the lineup for the 14th and U Farmers’ Market tomorrow… hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.



Sugar Snap Peas at Mountain View — come early
Carrots at Mountain View– come early
Summer Squash at Mountain View and Garner
Chioggia beets
shelled peas
squash flowers
Yarrows at Faucher Meadows
7 different kinds of apples at the orchards — even Goldrush


Cherry Glen Goat Cheese is back this week between Truck Patch and Kuhn on 14th Street.

Come EARLY for those Olive Oil Hamburger Buns!

Mountain View: Shawna and Atilla farm as organically as you could ask for on an environmental preserve in Loudoun County. Salad Greens, head lettuce, bok choi, young, tender collards, beets and their greens, Hakurei turnips so sweet you can eat them raw in salads, mustard greens, fresh herbs: basil, chives, sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro.

Garner: Bernard’s Northern Neck fields have that warmer microclimate and are already starting to produce the summer crops. Okra, summer squash including 8 ball, gold bar, yellow zucchini, whitey patty pan, sunburst. Cucumbers this week as well. Red Pontiac and White Superior NEW potatoes that steam in a few minutes and make great potato salads, Red Ace and Chioggia beets, lettuces, red and white spring onions, radishes of several colors, Swiss Chard, arugula, turnip greens, spinach, squash flowers, shelled peas,

Elaine’s LONG-LIVED flowers this week: Delphinums, Campanulas (Canterbury Bells), Sweet Williams, yarrow, Snapdragon, Peonies. Elaine makes beautiful and unusual bouquets….more original than a bottle of wine for a dinner party.

Pecan Meadow: Whoopie Pies are back– in chocolate with a peanut butter icing. Try Lois’s latest creation. Pecan pie, shoe fly pie, oatmeal pie, strawberry bread. Lots of great grass fed and finished, pastured half Piedmontese steaks: t-bones, porterhouse, sirloin, fillet, Roasts galore: sirloin tip, eye round, London Broil, arm, chuck, rump, round. Sausage, Ground beef, sandwich steaks, stewing cubes and liver. I like mixing ground lamb, ground beef and ground pork for the perfect burger… Lamb is back!

EGGS: chicken, duck and goose.

Truck Patch Farms: MORE Asparagus, of course. Strawberries – both Chandlers and my personal faves — the deep red, sweet Earliglows. Many seed catalogues call it the best-flavored of all the strawbs for eating out of hand and preserving. Decide for yourself. Arugula, Spring Mix, Lettuces, Red Chard, curly kale,, chives, garlic chives, tarragon, mint. Black Angus grass -fed beef, pastured pork of all cuts and sizes and sausages.

Fetas: We have plain, herbes de provence, italian herb, tomato and basil and chives and dill or Marinated Feta. The chef from Vidalia was doing a cooking demo at Dupont yesterday at Toigo’s stand and he made a very nice salad with arugula, strawberries and our plain Bovre.” Plus lots of yogurt, ricotta, quark, cheddars, and all their interesting aged raw milk cheeses. We will have some of that at U St for your customers to try. You could feature our fetas — we have lots of them. Just what your salad wants! Feta.

Cherry Glen Goat Cheese: From just 28 miles away, award winning chevre and aged goat cheeses. Great with salads, with Stefano’s jams.

Panorama: Loic is in still in France, , but Emmanuel and Abby will have even MORE of the Olive Oil hamburger buns he bakes for Michel Richard’s hamburgers at Central. They have been very popular the last 2 weeks after the Post called them SPECTACULAR , but you should be able to try them this week. Plus the breakfast breads, sticky rolls, raisin pumpernickel, sliced ryes, sourdoughs, multi grains and the famous Rustiques that are baked exclusively for Citronelle, Central, CityZen and us! Have you tried the French style Pumpernickel bread they created for me? It is made for cheese, smoked salmon or smoked turkey sandwiches. Good, toasted, with Keswick’s quark, for instance.

Their Challah makes excellent bread pudding — and French Toast. (Think brunch!)

Dolcezza Gelato and Sorbetto: Half the fat and twice the flavor of premium ice creams and sorbets have no fat at all. This week’s farmers market flavors include Valrhona Chocolate Amargo, Pistacio di Bronte, Black Mint, Lemon Ricotta Cardamom, Espresso Toscano. Sorbets: Strawberry Tarragon, Lime Cilantro, Cucumber Mint Vodka, Lemon Basil, Pineapple Mint…

Serve the Cucumber Mint Vodka instead of a cold cucumber soup to start a meal. Pair the lime cilantro with fish, the lemon basil with lamb Orchards:

McCleaf: cameo, rome, golden delicious and granny smith apples; kale, spring onions, pac man broccoli, roma lettuce, strawberries, limited asparagus.

Kuhn: MORE strawberries, fujis, goldrush, pink lady apples, rhubarb, asparagus, ciders, their own canned peaches.

Some of you have noticed that both Kuhn and McCLeaf canned peaches have the same label. That is the only one their local cannery offers. So, they do look the same, but the peaches are their own.


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