“Washington’s Five Most Fascinating Post Offices” – City Paper

by Borderstan.com June 5, 2009 at 4:00 am 1,613 2 Comments

The quality of post office branches in DC might seem like a rather inane topic to people who don’t struggle with service-at-the-post-office in the big city. But Borderstanians and urbanites in general know it is serious business. My partner is a self-employed photographer and he sometimes has to send DVDs and the like to clients from the post office at 1915 14th Street NW. (I will let him provide his own critique, but I think he is rather satisfied with the ladies who work there as they have come to know him.)

My one thought about the branch at 1915 14th NW was how dirty the front window used to be. It looked as it the dirt and film had become part of the glass and was simply beyond cleaning. A few months later I was at the branch and it appeared that the window had been replaced instead of washed.

I scanned this article in the Washington City Paper, “Washington’s Five Most Fascinating Post Offices,” but alas saw no mention of our 14th Street NW branch. The closes post office to make the author’s list of five was the LeDroit Park branch (20002) at 416 Florida Avenue NW.


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