Update on DC Omnibus Crime Bill

by Borderstan.com June 6, 2009 at 6:09 pm 1,193 0

Loose Lips at Washington City Paper had this posting earlier this week on the status of Mayor Fenty’s Omnibus Crime Bill, which is currently in Councilmember Phil Mendelson’s Judiciary Committee:

WaTimes’ Gary Emerling has more on the crime bill machinations between Phil Mendelson and Jack Evans. Question is, was there a deal between Mendo, Jack, and Vince to move parts of Mendo’s version as a June 16 emergency or is Jack swooping in to save the day with his ‘own’ bill? ‘Mr. Evans, who also is a member of the public safety committee, said that he met with Mr. Mendelson and council Chairman Vincent C. Gray to discuss his bill and that he will introduce the measure June 16 instead of at Tuesday’s legislative session at Mr. Gray’s request. He said his efforts have the support of the Fenty administration and were agreed to by Mr. Gray and Mr. Mendelson. “It’s clear to me that Phil was not going to do anything on this,” Mr. Evans said. “I looked through it, figured out what were the important things for the summer for an emergency, and sat down with the chairman and Phil.”…[Mendelson] said Monday that Mr. Evans “seems to have amnesia about what he agreed to” and that he is moving forward with his own emergency bill on June 16. The legislation will encompass portions of Mr. Fenty’s preferred bill – including the civil-enforcement provision for gangs – but with some tweaks.’


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