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“Real World” at 2000 S St NW; a Halo Lounge Angle?

by Borderstan.com — June 7, 2009 at 2:49 pm 2,008 3 Comments

The setting for "The Real World: DC" will be this house at 2000 S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

The setting for “The Real World: DC” will be this house at 2000 S Street NW. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

An update from this morning’s posting Luis and I wandered over to 20th and S NW late this morning to get a photo of the rumored house-to-be for the DC version of “The Real World: DC.” We heard sounds of workmen inside and, just by chance, saw a couple of guys outside (not workmen). One had a camera and the other one was taking notes. Without identifying their affiliation, I will say that they confirmed that 2000 S Street NW will be the house for The Real World.

Moreover, at least one of the cast members will be a gay man and apparently one of the local venues for the drama-to-come will be Halo Lounge at 1435 P Street NW–across from Whole Foods and located right here in Borderstan. We will try to have more details for you later.

As noted before, I think DC needs some vapid drama with pretty kids doing faux-dramatic stuff in an unreal world setting. Way too many people here who want to save the world (but God bless them). We need some silly balance.

  • http://vevmo.com Real World

    I’m guessing the guys you are talking about are the ones posting all the photos and video here: http://vevmo.com/f56/real-world-dc-video-and-stills-3197/

  • absolutgenius

    I also have information that Real World will be filming at 18th & Red in Adam’s Morgan.

  • L

    My friends own 18th and Red!


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