Unsolicited Advice for ANC 2B on “Real World: DC”

by Borderstan.com June 9, 2009 at 8:06 pm 0

First, a reminder that the June meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2B/Dupont Circle is tomorrow night, June 10. Same time, same place: 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center at 16th & Q NW.

Second, it is my understanding that a representative of the mayor’s office will be on hand to address concerns about MTV setting up shop to produce “The Real World: DC” in a house at 2000 S Street NW. Will there be an MTV rep or lawyer on hand as well? Don’t know.

Third–as a tax-paying resident of ANC 2B, thank you, very much–I would like to offer six pieces of unsolicited advice for ANC 2B:


  1. Please do pressure MTV to be a good neighbor during the production of Real World: DC. If I lived in the vicinity of 2000 S, I would demand it, too.
  2. MTV is here to make money. I know this may be offensive to some people in the neighborhood. But remember that some of our own citizens will probably make some hard-earned dollars in the process.
  3. The Real World is a silly show. Very silly, in fact. It is not “Frontline” on PBS, nor will Bill Moyers be involved with the production. We cannot do anything about that, much as we might like to force the producers to change their scripts.
  4. You will probably have to explain the concept of “voluntary agreements” to the MTV lawyers.
  5. Remember: We do not live in Hooterville.  Moreover (and yes, I am mixing sitcoms here), we cannot make Dupont Circle into a real-world version of the village in “To the Manor Born.” (Let’s not confuse 2000 S Street with Cricket House.) Living in a densely populated, large city involves some unpleasantness and requires compromises from time to time.
  6. Have you looked at the crime stats for our neighborhood and our city lately? We’ve got bigger things to worry about than a reality show setting up shop in our neighborhood. If DC does not manage to lower its crime rate, we won’t have to worry about silly reality TV shows in our midst: No one will want to come here.


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