PSA 208: Miller Leaves MPD; McDonald Named Acting Head

by June 11, 2009 at 7:44 am 2,064 0

psa208At last night’s ANC 2B/Dupont meeting, we learned that Lt. Erich Miller recently resigned from the MPD. Miller had been head of Police Service Area (PSA) 208, which covers the Dupont Circle-Kalorama area (including West Borderstan).

Sgt. John C. McDonald, who was at the meeting to give a public safety update, made the announcement about Miller. Apparently, Miller has taken a job with the federal government. In the meantime, McDonald has been made Acting head of PSA 208 with the title of lieutenant.

Borderstan offers thanks to Miller for his work in the area. He was always willing to meet with Borderstan Neighbors and those of us who knew him found him open and accessible to input from our community.

I would also like to congratulate Lt. McDonald. A number of us know him and look forward to working with him in his current capacity as head of PSA 208.


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