RWDC and ANC 2B; Last Night’s Meeting

by Borderstan.com June 11, 2009 at 7:29 am 1,196 2 Comments

The setting of "The Real World: DC" is 2000 S Street NW. Production begins June 20. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

The setting of “The Real World: DC” is 2000 S Street NW. Production begins June 20. (Photo: Luis Gomez, Luis Gomez Photos.)

We went to the ANC 2B/Dupont Circle monthly meeting last night at JCC. Unfortunately, we arrived around 7:15-ish after the discussion of The Real World: DC (RWDC) was already underway. Overall, discussion was  calm and generic on all sides.

Tracy from The Anti-Real World DC blog was at the meeting, doing some liveblogging… and has a pretty comprehensive posting from last night. So, without anymore blathering from me this morning (I have a real job, you know), I’m doing to direct you to her summary of the ANC meeting last evening that covered RWDC and expected issues around 2000 S Street NW.

Note: If you are used to the high-faulting, Shakespeare-like prose here at Borderstan, you may find the writing at Anti-RWDC blog a bit more irreverent.

  • Get a Life

    Come on, Borderstan! No more publicity for the h8ers! Tracy needs a little perspective, dontcha think? maybe consider mentoring an inner city kid or volunteering at a local shelter? all the time and energy wasted on complaining re absolutely nothing! i cant wait for her to attempt to interfere in teh production so mpd can haul her whiney arse away! now that would make for great reality tv!

  • Andrew Huff

    MTV confirmed this week that the 23rd season of The Real World will film in the District this summer.

    The Real World is a documentary series about eight young adults, coming to DC to live together and to individually pursue their passions and goals.

    Filming will take place primarily on private property (within a home where the subjects will reside, and within restaurants and businesses across the city). Construction inside the house is currently underway. Filming is expected to being this summer, but no exact date has been confirmed. Current plans are to vacate the house by Thanksgiving.

    Some filming will also take place on public property, with small film crews following the subjects as they explore the city. The Office of Motion Picture and Television Development in conjunction with the District Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, and other District agencies, has worked with the producers of the show to minimize any impact the production will have on residents of the District. Specifically;


    No residential permit parking spaces will be affected by the production. Twelve metered parking spaces have been reserved for the production during the construction. At least half of those spaces will be returned when construction ends later this month, and no more than six metered parking spaces will be reserved for the crew during the actual production.


    It is the policy of the production to create as little interference or impact on the neighborhood as possible. There are no catering trucks or other large vehicles. Guests in the house will be strictly limited and noise will be kept to a minimum – music systems and television are not allowed in the house.


    The house will be under 24 hour surveillance and both private security and the Metropolitan Police Department have been consulted on safety issues.


    No one will be seen on TV unless they have consented and signed a release to be on the show.

    Further Information

    Residents should contact the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development at 202-727-6608 with any additional questions or concerns.


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