RWDC: How Borderstan Will Cover This Silliness

by June 13, 2009 at 2:00 pm 3,511 2 Comments

The cast of "The Real World: Cancun." (Photo: MTV Web site.)

The cast of “The Real World: Cancun.” (Photo: MTV Web site.)

Got your attention with the silliness headline and oh-so-unposed photo above? Good. Here are some guidelines for what to expect at on all things “Real World: DC” –

  1. I haven’t watched the show in years, other than an occasional gawk while channel surfing. But I plan to watch a bit of RW: Cancun, just to get in the proper-informed-blogger frame of mind.
  2. I thought the early years of RW were good… interesting… reality TV was new.
  3. I think it’s rather nice and amusing that RW is coming to Washington. We can always use some levity in a town that is very serious–and bless all the serious people who come here with good intentions of doing good things.
  4. I will be posting news and comments and opinions and rants from all sides… supporters, non-supporters and the merely amused and curious (see new map at’s Capital Comment Blog).
  5. Put me in the amused-curious category. As much as anything, I am amused and interested in how people in my neighborhood react to all the hub-bub of RWDC coming to town.
  6. This being DC, though, we will attempt to regulate EVERYTHING having to do with RWDC and its production. We can’t help ourselves; it’s what we do here, especially in Dupont CircleHowever, I am sure that if I lived next door to 2000 S Street NW that I would also want some assurances about good-neighbor-behavior–so please do not blast me with comments and emails about how I don’t care because I don’t live next door. I can appreciate your anxiety.
  7. A note about our desire to regulate and control: The one thing we will live with in DC is crime. We seem oblivious… accepting of levels of crime that other cities would find totally unacceptable. It is as if we, collectively as a city, have just given up on ever living in a half-way-safe environment. But, parties in a group house? A TV production in the hood? Collectively, we will turn out at public meetings to vent and demand official action NOW! But, if a local clothing store is “gang robbed?” Oh… not so much of a problem. No frantic email chains… no emergency additions to ANC agendas. Life goes on. Go figure. But it’s the way we are here. I do hope someone plans to explain all this to the crew and cast of RWDC.
  8. In short, I consider myself an interested, neutral observer. All points of view are welcome here at Comment away on the postings. And please do send me something pithy or amusing to which I can link.
  9. As a neighborhood, let’s try enjoy this silliness. Please?


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