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Welcome to Borderstan, Kal Penn

by Borderstan.com July 1, 2009 at 8:22 pm 2,077 7 Comments

A source tells us she saw Kal Penn moving into his diggs in Borderstan this evening.

A source tells us she saw Kal Penn moving into his diggs in Borderstan this evening. (Photo: Washington Examiner, Feb. 2009.)

A source just told us that she saw actor/policy wonk/Obama Administration staffer Kal Penn moving into his abode in Borderstan. Yes, we’re 99% sure that we know the address, but we aren’t going to tell you. We’d like Penn to have an opportunity to settle in and find Borderstan to be a welcoming place.

For those of you not totally in-the-know, Penn is the “incoming Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in the Barack Obama administration,” according to Wikipedia.com. And he actually studied public policy at Stanford University.

Penn is one of the co-stars of the “Harold and Kumar” movies (and a number of other films) and the TV show, “House.” In fact, he had to give us his role as Dr. Lawrence Kutner on “House” to take this job with the Obama Administration.

Welcome to Borderstan, Mr. Penn. We think you’ll like it here. And we’ll say “good morning ” if we see you walking to work at The White House.

  • Welcome to the neighborhood, Kal! So glad you chose Borderstan for your new home. I think you’ll like it here.

  • BorderstanPrep81

    KUMAR! Borderstan is the new Beverly Hills, eh? Anyone know what they’re putting in at the corner of 14th and Church? It use to be the metropole sales office….

  • Jack

    I don’t think anything is going in that site yet. I did hear they are installing much larger versions of the signs that told the neighborhood to DROP DEAD as a kind of continuing memorial to utter and complete marketing incompetency.

  • curtis

    Maybe they can put in another art gallery. I don’t think this area has enough.

  • Gumpper

    Pete’s Apizza was a rumor. And they certainly are demolishing the interior.

    As for the Metropole, thanks to whoever decided to pull down those hideous Home Depot-like orange signs and go with something a tad more tasteful.

  • Rob

    Welcome to the area. Mind the bullets and lack of police follow-up when you are mugged!

  • JP

    I saw him walking down 15th towards the WH with his backpack at around 7am a week ago today…He’s definitely working early hours, if not long hours…


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