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Molly Update: Petco Surveillance Photos of Molly

by Borderstan.com July 4, 2009 at 3:45 pm 1,336 14 Comments

This is NOT Molly, but this is a Vizsla. (Photo: Wikipedia.com.)

This is NOT Molly, but this is a Vizsla. (Photo: Wikipedia.com.)

Borderstanians: Please watch for Molly the lost Vizsla dog; she was taken from in front of Whole Foods on P Street earlier this week. It is thought that woman in the Borderstan area may have her. I got the following message from Art (Molly’s dog walker, who is helping look for her). I am going to try to get photos and post them here. In the meantime, here is info about and photos of Vizslas.

We now have surveillance photos of the woman seen with Molly at Cleveland Park Petco. Eye witnesses as well as employees there confirm that Molly and the woman matches the descriptions that we have provided. Please email for pictures if you live in the Logan area, specifically Q and 15th/16th. – Art

  • Laura Petersen

    How did this woman abduct Molly, the Vizsla, from the front of Whole Foods? Did she break into a car to take her?

    The reason I’m asking is that I foiled a dognapping attempt by a woman two weeks ago in upper NW. I was dog-sitting a Weimaraner at the time.

    Many thanks!

  • art

    Unfortunately she was tied up out front and an eyewitness said she unleashed her. The retractable leash was left.

  • CDinDC

    I’m sorry this person lost their pet, but leaving your pet chained to a grocery store railing isn’t much different than leaving your child chained to the same railing.

    A pet is a member of the family. They should be protected from harm at all times.

    This loss was due to negligence.

  • CJ

    I’m a resident on T between 15th and 16th. If I get the information on the suspect, I’ll be happy to watch for her. This seems to be what a camera phone is made for.

    info can be sent to: [email protected]

  • jenn

    if i can get the info on the woman, i will happy to look for her – i’m a fellow dog owner and can only imagine!

  • Megan

    I live on Q and 16th. I’d like to see pictures of this woman so that I may help in rescuing poor Molly. Info can be sent to: [email protected]


  • Bags

    CDinDC — I hear you, but I’m faced with the situation occasionally, and never know what to do. I have a dog, which is not allowed in stores, but find myself with one small amount of time to get a long enough walk in and run in to CVS or Whole Foods. I’ve never tied him up for more than about 5 minutes (ie, I wouldn’t have him along and then do my weekly grocery shopping)

    But I’ve wondered in the past if I should be worried about theft. He is absolutely a part of my family, but it’s NOT the same as leaving a child alone outside a store.

    It’s an awful story, and raises tough questions. I hope the photo and great & wide word of mouth gets Molly back home.

  • Eva

    Could you put some pictures on a website or somehow make them more widely available? I go to that neighborhood all the time and also am friends with a large number of local couriers who spend days riding all around that neighborhood, so I’d like to be able to post pictures at their office.

  • MLP

    CDinDC –

    Nice attitude. Way to rub salt in the wounds of someone obviously distraught about the loss of a family member. I am sure you are great at funerals.


  • I work at 1513 P Street and have 15 bike couriers in the area. Where can I find a photo of the kidnapper that I can print and distribute?

  • Annie

    My husband & I live in Logan and we are out & about frequently. If you have pictures, pass them on and we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

  • Eva

    hey art, that link on craig’s list has expired, and while i was able to find some pictures of molly in your previous on-line posts, it was not easy. could you please post some Molly pictures here too? this is the link i sent to friends to help in the search for Molly so pictures would be very helpful. also, please describe any identifying marks so we can confirm if we think we see her, she may not still be wearing the collar. thanks, eva

  • Mary

    Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that Molly was returned safe and sound by MPD officers last night! Many, many thanks for posting this here and to everyone for keeping an eye out and hoping for her safe return. This happy ending is most certainly thanks to such impressive efforts to get the word out! There is an ongoing criminal investigation, so unfortunately I’m unable to provide details as to how the police located Molly and the woman who took her.

  • Tripp Reed

    We saw on the news that Molly was recovered…I’m so happy for you. We rescue Doberman Pinschers and were horrified when we saw the signs about Molly missing.

    You guys did a great job of putting the word out…I hope you’re proud of your valiant efforts.



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